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"Unsuspecting" cast reunited almost 25 years later and we're totally crazy "

Before the 25th anniversary, the infinitely quotable teen classic "Ahnungslos" was not celebrated? Ah, as if!

Update your '90s slang with stars from the hit 1995 movie, starring Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison, and Breckin Meyer, at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo this weekend reunited on a podium.

Now that they are all no virgins who can drive – we assume – the stars gathered to ponder the cultural impact of this movie, spilling tea behind the scenes and honoring their late star Brittany Murphy ,

Silverstone, whose memory of the work on the film is admittedly a bit spotty, remembered how she felt at the time of her alter ego on screen becoming a template many future teenage girls Movie heroines would borrow something.

"I loved playing Cher," said Silverstone on the panel, which is completely available on YouTube. "It was so much fun and working with these guys ̵

1; each of them was so much fun. I did not know who the girl was, so it was really fun to be her. Because it was not the way I lived my life.

  Alicia Silverstone in

Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless."

Rudd, who played something sinisterly Silverstone's one-time sibling that turned into love, desperately wanted to be reunited, as the performers appeared only sporadically over the years.

feels cool to be in something that is an important movie for many people, "said the" Ant Man "star. "Now we meet people who say," I grew up because I loved your movie, and now I look at it with my kids. "That makes us all feel very old, especially me."

Of course, Rudd is at the center of a longstanding internet joke about not aging.

When a viewer asked about his age-old secrets, he joked, "I'm 80 years old. Here purest darkness. And a little moisturizer.

  Brittany Murphy and Justin Walker at the premiere of

Brittany Murphy and Justin Walker at the premiere of "Clueless" in 1995.

The cast also remembered their "ridiculously talented" late co-star Brittany Murphy, who died in 2009 at the age of 32, and Silverstone even revealed that she was in the room during her casting.

"That was incredible. I remember being overwhelmed by what she was doing in the room and thinking I had to say it [writer/director Amy Heckerling] just in case she did not know that Brittany Murphy was the one to do that role had to play, "recalls Silverstone. "I'm sure you found out for yourself."

"She was so good," Silverstone continued. "I love it when she says," You are a virgin who can not drive. "It's just one of my favorite moments of the entire movie."

After the podium, the actors shared some snapshots in the social media about the film A Reunion, which completely drove fans crazy.

Silverstone said she met Rudd the night before the podium and added, "He ordered vegan for both of us … Swoon 🤗. "

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