A recent shot of Weibo is showing how the back of the Pixel 4 looks in three different colors. We've seen both the white and the black version a few times, but the photo shows a new orange color, which is likely to be referred to as a "coral," considering Orange's leaked and documented use of the name Products before.

Picture about Weibo.

Details in the photo – showing three different colors: white, black and orange – match the colors we've already seen, like the orange accents button on the white model. The new "Coral" color also appears to have the same orange button.

Google Translated text called the image "Coral" (Unfortunately, none of us speak Chinese.)

A small stack of Google Home mini-boxes is also included in the photo, though it's not clear why , The setting in general looks like the environment in which the leaked photos of XDA just yesterday – black glass desk and everything.

According to the Google translation of the text that accompanies the photo on Weibo, this orange color may be called "Coral." A bright color like this represents a significant departure from Google's latest design sensibilities. The current pixels 3 and 3a have "Not Pink" (which we first called "sand") and "Purple-ish" both only slightly tinted versions of white.

The Pixel 3a in Purple-ish and Pixel 3 XL in Not Pink – both are basically just white with a slight hue.

A bright and funny color like this is exactly what we asked, although I do not know if it is a "coral". Maybe "Creamsicle" fits better.