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[Update] Comedy Cellar Owner Calls Louis C.K.'s Surprise Kit & # 39 ;: Missed Opportunity & # 39 ;: Gothamist

Louis CK in August 2017 (Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

On Sunday, Louis CK appeared in the Comedy Cellar for a surprise in his first big stand-up show, as his career was noisy After he admitted to masturbating in front of several non-affirmative women and then denying it, comedy cellar owner Noam Dworman expanded on what happened in a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter and eventually called CK's comeback attempt a "missed opportunity".

Dworman said that CK showed up unannounced and told the Master of Ceremonies he wanted to go further ̵

1; he noted that CK had previously taken a seat in the governor of Levittown and "apparently he was not happy with it and he spontaneously decided to come to the comedy cellar. " Dworman was unaware that the CK wanted to come before (he denied rumors that CK was paying $ 10K to go on stage) or in the building at the time. He does not believe that anyone has done anything wrong: "I believe in principle that the man is entitled to his livelihood and that it is up to the public to go or not to go, I believe in principle." [19659004] After he had said that, he was disappointed that CK made a regular sentence and did not comment on anything that had happened:

I think that for a guy who went off with this promise from the public : "I've been talking for a long time, now I'll do it, listen," he has the expectation of, "Well, now you're back after nine months, what did you learn?" And I think, if he had just said something, showing another side of him, I think the headlines would be much gentler today. And I think that even people who do not realize that they would feel that way would feel a pang of forgiveness if they heard something from him that seemed to deserve forgiveness when they thought he was feeling bad or What ever. And I'm sure he does – I do not know, he never spoke to me about it – but I guess he does, and I do not know why he did not take this opportunity. Maybe he just thought it was under the radar, but I do not know, I can not get into his head. It was certainly a missed opportunity.

C.K. He apparently got a standing ovation before performing his 15-minute episode, which Dworman said because "people saw it as a kind of historic event, and I think that whatever their feelings about Louis or what he was "Well, we were here when he came back." "At least one person told him that he" attacked "the set, which Dworman agrees that the club needs to be better at it in the future.

"The ambush is a problem," he added. "So … I have to find a way in the future where nobody who does not want to be there feels like a self-contained audience, and I do not think it's going to be that hard, if I had been involved." In any way, I would have acted differently.

At this point, Dana Schwartz wrote for EW: "The opportunity to enter a comedy club is a privilege given only to the most famous characters in the comedy Louis CK, with the same power structure that allows it To abuse women for so long, to reenter the world of comedy and turn it into a surprise set where the audience may not be willing or willing to see a sexual harasser with an empty stage and the amplification of a silent room and a microphone , has the slimy feel of Louis CK, which flaunts this power again. "

It would not surprise you to learn that many people (including us) have strong opinions about the state of CK: Michael Ian Black went away from the encouragement CKs comba I apologize for being my followers over the course of Tuesday

Michael Che went to Instagram to voice his thoughts and ignored CK's actions and victims Instead, focus on how people seek fame: "Many things I read say that CK does not more a & # 39; famous & # 39; Should be a comedian. Because for them he still wins. Is not that strange? That is, he can be ashamed, humiliated, lose millions of dollars, lose all his projects, lose the respect of many of his fans and colleagues, and whatever else comes with what he has done, but since he can still play a comedy free of charge at a club with 200 seats a year later, that means he just got off. THAT is how coveted fame is.