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Update: We Know 161 More facts about the anthem


BioWare's executive producer Mark Darrah has deleted Anthem's knowledge for over a month and here's everything you should know.

Update July 6: After nearly a month of executive producer Mark Darrah's AMAAAA [Ask Me Almost Anything About Anthem]BioWare ended the event today with a one-hour live stream. This time Darrah was accompanied by game director Jonathan Warner and questions were answered again.

Here are 26 further responses from the one-hour livestream [ which you can view directly below [] edited for repeat questions, which we have already dealt with in the 1

35 facts of the original story.

136) The interceptor or storm spear will likely have a sword for a melee weapon. When asked if swords would be involved, BioWare said, "We're not talking about the storm or interceptor right now."

137) The interceptor or storm spear will likely have a camouflage capability. Asked about camouflage in the game, BioWare said, "We're not talking about the storm or the interceptor right now."

138) There are 10 subregions in the game. During the demo, Darrah said, "We see a pretty small part, I think we might cross a sub-region, and the game is very nice." However, this does not take into account the sheer size of the verticality in each region. "You have to think about playable space, not as a level, but as a volume," Warner said. "It's not just about running, it's about exploring it in all its axes."

Loot that you miss in the world will be delivered to you.

139) At the moment, you do not lose everything if you die. There is no penalty for dying now, but in the last game that can change and be determined.

140) Loot that you miss in the world will be delivered to you in a kind of postal system in Fort Tarsis with the exception of ordinary material – they will not deal with it from now on.

141) The six stages of the prey are as follows: General, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Masterpiece. However, BioWare said the last two could switch places or change.

142) Fortresses will be a combination of both inside and outside places. BioWare did not want to use the term "dungeon" because it means a cave system or a kind of castle, and strongholds are really big spaces that contain outside areas.

143) Strongholds will experience about 35-40 minutes

144) The little hare-like creature you see during the game execution [12-minute mark] is called Grabbit. He is about the size of a terrestrial dog.

145) Anthem's wolf-like, analogous creature is about 10 feet long. In essence, everything on the anthem planet is bigger than similar creatures on Earth.

146) You can play combos when playing alone. For example, you can use the Ranger's Frost Grenade and combine it with his Shock Leg. It can also be done with a lightning strike and a rail cannon.

147) The legendary version of the Ranger's Frost Grenade increases the radius of its frost effect. This means that higher levels of objects improve more than just the values ​​of the object.

148) If you want to apply a status effect [frozen, burning, etc.] to a big creature like the Swarm Tyrant, "you will not be able to do it with a Frost Grenade or any of your Flamethrow Attack," Warner said. "You really have to hang it up there and stack it, and if you stack it high enough, you can light it or freeze it."

149) The Ultimate Game of the Colossus Used in the 19-Minute Game Walkthrough [18:30-minute mark] had mitigated its damage to the demo. In effect, you essentially fire nuclear weapons out of this thing and it will change a game.

150) The animation when you land your spear is something you can customize.


You will be able to buy some crafting materials, but only use currency in-game.

151) BioWare is investigating the ability to customize combat animations.

152) You can not drive the strings

153) You can see your current selected spear in the strings

154) Map icons consist of at least: fortresses, missions, free play, fast destinations and landmarks

155) When asked why go to Fort Tarsis should, if you can use it, use the strings as a nearer mobile base: Fort Tarsis has traders to explore more things, more of where the RPG takes place, and it's also high up in the world, so you get more height, if you start unlike the Strider

156) There are very few reasons to leave the safety of your spear outside of Fort Tarsis or the Streicher, when they happen, they become the story e be specific.

157) Anthem is being built, meaning there will be some knots in the world, including plants.

158) You'll be able to buy a relatively small amount of crafting material from traders. But only with the currency in the game. No premium currency

159) There may be opportunities for more crossover customization at a later date, such as the N7 Ranger skin. Theoretical Examples [mentioned totally in passing without committing to anything] included: a titanium case skin for the Colossus Javelin or an Isaac Clarke skin

160) When asked, "Can you wear the skin of the enemies you kill?" Mark Darrah answered: "In Anthem? No In real life …."

161) There is no nudity in Anthem.

Original Story: BioWare's new shared-world, science-fantasy shooter was The biggest game comes from the E3 2018. Now that we have a lot more to say about Anthem and its super-powered Exo Suits called Javelins know after the big re-unveiling at EA Play, there are still a lot of questions around the game.

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Anthem and Dragon Age – and a ubiquitous helpful person – has launched a crusade to dispel persistent questions about Anthem on his personal Twitter account. He's been in the band for over a week, calling him the #AMAAAA or the Almost Hymn.

And Mark Darrah has, true to his word, answered a wide variety of questions – most of them several times – that gives us an excellent flow of information directly from BioWare. And, of course, we combed it through to place all those bites of knowledge in one place, so you do not have to cramp your way through the whole thing with your finger / thumb.

Remember that much of it is subject to change – Game development happens, Amirite? – But Mark has given us a surprisingly sincere and honest look what we expected from the anthem on February 22nd. So, thanks again, Mark. You are a soldier!

Anthem's story

1) The name Anthem comes from the "hymn of creation," a major element in the history of the game. source ]

2) Most of the consequences and changes that will result from your actions and the progress of history in Anthem will be in Fort Tarsis to create a unified world for all players regardless Get Location You are in history. [ Source ]

3) You will not leave Fort Tarsis without being in a spear. [ Source ]

4) The main story will have a climax and a conclusion, but the game continues after that. [ source ]

5) Your character will have a background story to which BioWare will later provide more information. [ Source ]

6) Anthem's main story will feature absolutely important non-player characters to interact with throughout history and beyond. Source ]


You can play Anthem alone if you really want it.

7) Relations in Anthem focus on camaraderie and camaraderie of heroes, not romantic ones.

Source ]

8) Romances could happen sometime after launch The decision not to consider romance in Anthem was more a design choice than a technical constraint. [ source ] [19659024] 9) Story missions can be played with 1-4 people, which means that you can play Anthem alone if you really want to. [ Source ]

10) Fortresses [Anthem’s dungeons-like content] will not be solo-capable, but you do not need fortresses to complete the story. [ Source ]

11) To make it clear, fortresses are not only difficult, but require four players to enter them Fortunately, S Using the matchmaking system to find players or invite players to join you. Source ]

12) There will be some kind of scoring mode for friendly matches in fortresses (and maybe more). [ Source ]

13) No core plot points are blocked behind the downloadable paywall content. [ source ]

14) Your main enemy in history will be the Dominion, a human nation bent on subjugating others. The Dominion believes that they can control the shaper's tools and bend them for their own purposes. The Dominion is an old enemy with a secret in his past. [ Source ]

15) The Dominion will have its own spears. [ source ]

16) You will be the central character in your story cutscenes, even if you group them with a squad. [ source ]

17) To further explain the cutscenes in the co-operative game, the other players in your team will not cling awkwardly in your cutscenes. [ source ]

18) However, all players always see the same cutscene when a cutscene begins. There is no waiting for someone to deal with their cutscene. [ source ]

19) On missions, you focus on the action as opposed to the conversation branch. Your actions can affect things in the world. But in your Hub, the conversations and interactions you have will definitely affect your life. [ Source ]

20) You can repeat missions as soon as you finish them. [ source ]


There will be a kind of in-game lore to discover.

21) The planet on which Anthem takes place has a name, but BioWare does not share it it still. [ source ]

22) There will be some sort of in-game lore items to discover. [ Source ]

23) There will also be one Provide repository for collected knowledge. [ Source ]

24) There is no friendly fire at the moment. [ source ]

anthem mechanics and features

25) It becomes do not give PvP on startup. [ source ]

26) Clarification of if / when questions about pvp: There are no current plans for PvP after launch, but BioWare may catch up sometime after launch source2 ] [ source2 ]

27) Lack of PvP on launch allows BioWare to expand equipment and weapons, oh to take care of the balance. [ Source ]

28) Cross-platform game is currently not planned. [ Source ]

29) Anthem requires an online connection to play due to the support of dedicated servers. [ Source ]

30) Everything in Anthem runs on the dedicated servers except the single-player hubs (Fort Tarsis and the Strider.) [ source ]

31) In Free Play mode, four players will be on one server. [ source ]

32) There is a possibility that BioWare may increase the player limit in free-play mode at some point. [ source ]


Anthem does not pause in the menus as other players are in it with you.

33) There will be some kind of crafting in the game, more details will follow later [ Source ]

34) There is a case damage in Anthem. [ Source ]

35) There will be a revival mechanic if one of your freelancers fails. [ source ]

36) Swaying players will not be able to prevent others from resurrecting dejected players. [ source ]

37) You can wait until yourself revive a team indefinitely, or respawn at the last supply point you hit. [ source ]

38) Anthem will not pause in menus because other players are with you. Source ]

39) Emotes confirmed. [ Source ] [19659024] 40) BioWare is / will try to implement idle detection to identify players who are interfering with their teammates by idling too long. [ source ]

41) There will be a game controller destination assistant, but it is currently being discontinued. [ source ]

42) Under water there will be an air knife. [ Source ]

43) In terms of prey rarity, there will be five or six rarity levels. The fall rates are still balanced. [ Source ]

44) There will be no trading equipment with other players at the start to ensure control of the balance. [ Source ]

45) In Anthem there is no pay for power. Everything that can be bought with real money is cosmetics. [ source ]

46) The commercial make-up items are visible before you buy so you can see what you are getting. There are no loot boxes. You can also earn your cosmetics. [ Source ]

47) While you are in your spearhead, you have a Cypher, a human who interacts with you rather than an AI in a suit. Source ]


There will be no season ticket for Anthem, but there will be content after launch.

48) The game will be in your fore in your Fort Tarsis and Strider bases and the third person perspective in the world in your spear suit. [ source ]

49) BioWare wants the mid-areas to feel "tight" to the more claustrophobic feeling For this reason, these spaces are in first-person perspective. [ Source ]

50) Outside the main plot there will be side quests. [ source ]

51) There will be a free-spin mode that allows you to explore the world in an undirected way that focuses on exploration and discovery. [ source ]

52) In Free Games mode, you can choose other players Reach nearby with their activities without forming a squad. [ Source ]

53) There will be no season ticket for Anthem, but there will be content after launch. [ Source ]

54) No monthly subscription to play Anthem. [ source ]

55) BioWare wants to make sure that people can always play together and are not fragmented, depending on who has content extensions after the launch. [ source ]

56) "New Story Content, New Travels" and post-launch content like these will be available to all. [ Source ]

57) At some point there could be holidays and theme events in Anthem. BioWare is not yet talking about post-launch content, but "people partying in Anthem". [ Source ]

58) BioWare does not say there will not be a paid DLC after the launch. For example, if they added a new spear sometime in the future, that might be paid content. Maybe not. BioWare confirms nothing and can give absolute answers to specific questions. Source ]


There will be rare weapons or equipment falling from certain encounters.

59) There will be a playable currency. [ Source ]

60) Fort Tarsis has traders and there are currently no traders outside the fort. [ Source ]

61) There are no AI teammates during the game Levels currently exposes this to BioWare's abilities. [ source ]

62) In the world of the hymn, there will be something like "notorious, bigger, mean, stronger monsters." [ source ]

63) Enemies have vulnerabilities in various places in various creatures. [ Source ]

64) There will be rare weapons or equipment that fall from certain encounters. [ Source ]

65) It becomes a colorblindmodu s Source ]

66) There is a day / night cycle. [ Source ]

67) Your inventory will be limited, but not so limited, it will be a burden. [ source ]

Adaptation and personalization of the hymn

68) There will be both personalization (so that the spear can look as you want it) as customization (so that the spear can be played like this , As you wish). [ Source ]

69) Your freelancer (pilot) has progression levels that give you perks that apply to all spears. In addition, you get better gear for each of your javelin. [ Source ]

70) There will be multiple genders for your Freelancer / Pilot. [ source ]

71) You can customize the face and hair of your freelancer, but no body fit. [ source ]

72) All personalization / beauty options in Anthem can be purchased and unlocked through gameplay. [ source ]

73) However, the Legion of Dawn [$80] edition is only intended for people who have purchased this edition. [ Source ]

74) The weapons and equipment supplied with pre-ordering the Legion of Dawn will not be forever useful. You will eventually replace them as you progress. [ source ]

75) The personalization cases for Javelins are reusable. If you have one and switch to another, you can return to your original skin if you want. [ source ]

76) In addition to the skins / liveries for your spear, there are also armor sets that change the look of your suits. [ source ]

77) You can customize your freelancer (pilot) by progressing so that you can continue to fly. [ Source ]

78) Loot is created for all and instanced. In Anthem there is no killing theft and no pillage theft. [
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