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Team USA Will Need a Historic Comeback to Hold the Ryder Cup at Le Golf National on Sunday

The Americans start with a 10-6 deficit on the final day, but history suggests a comeback is not impossible, and in 1999 the US came back to win the Ryder Cup after breaking a 10-6 deficit at Brookline in Boston, but the Americans have not been on foreign soil in 25 years

Europe have had their hands full since beating Friday's 3-0 victory on Friday morning, beating them 5-2 on a daily basis and winning a Ryder Cup record that combined eight consecutive games to maintain their strong lead in the tournament 12 singles games.

The Americans need eight points to win in twelve games, while the Euros need 4 1/2. Here's how our experts picked each match.

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Rahm takes Tiger

This is another point for the Euros as Rahm gives up a clutch-birdie putt 17 to beat Woods 2 and 1. "Ole, Ole, Ole" out of the crowd as the leadership of the Euro is just too much to overcome Team USA.

Europe only needs two more points. There are four blue flags on the board. Noren-DeChambeau are straight.

Europe 12 1/2, USA 9 1/2

Euro a step closer

Olesen brings victory to Europe with home victory against Spieth 5 and 4 The Youngster Denmark was in control all morning and his team only needs 3 points to win the Ryder Cup.

Europe 11 1/2, USA 9 1/2

Tiger Gets a Gift

Tiger needed a giant birdie putt at 16 from a height of about 18 feet to put pressure on cream. but it did not succeed. He gets a gift if the Spaniard misses out of 3 feet. Woods is now playing at one with two.

The US gains some momentum

The Americans have reduced the lead of the euro to a point with a big win by Finau, who crushed Fleetwood 6 and 4.

There are four blue flags on the board so the Euros are still up to speed.

Europe 10 1/2, USA 9 1/2

Simpson wins his match

Simpson brings Rose with a birdie putt to 16 to reach Team USA's second spot the morning. Simpson wins, 3 and 2.

Europe 10 1/2, USA 8 1/2

Koepka draws half

Koepka stands in the bunker after landing and down Halves the match with Casey.

Europe 10 1/2, USA 7 1/2

Thomas gets a point for US

On the 18th, McIlroy is forced to give the hole to Thomas the Game 1. It was a disaster for Rory when he did not break out of the bunker and then hit his third into the water.

"This was not a good way to end it," Thomas said on the NBC broadcast immediately after the game, adding that it was hard to melt McIlroy after a fantastic match between the two on April 18th , The Euro play five games and only need 4 1/2 points to win the trophy.

Europe 10, USA 7

Big birdie putt for tiger

Tiger drops a birdie putt to 12 to return to the field with cream. There is even a small cha-cha-cha-cha step by Tiger as he pumps his fist.

The US has five red flags on the board, four in Europe.

Olesen dominated

Thorbjorn Olesen, the Ryder Cup freshman from Denmark, beats Jordan Spieth. Olesen is 4 with a birdie on the 8th. The Euro is leading six games; Team USA leads five

Tiger with Eagle

There is an Eagle for Tiger on 9 lowering Rams's lead to 1. Woods strikes the putt at about 12 feet and gives his first roar of the week with a first pump.

Finau on a reel

Ryder Cup rookie Tony Finau has silenced Fleetwood and led them to positions 7 and 8 with 4 against four birdies.

Mickelson down

After having served both matches Saturday, Phil Mickelson is down to second after Francesco Molinari. Molnari and Tommy Fleetwood were the first European duo to ever start 4-0 in a Ryder Cup. While Mickelson fights, Webb Simpson is the hot player for Team USA, leading Justin Rose 3 times. It's the biggest lead for the Americans.

JT: The American Poulter?

Thomas shows the Americans the most heart and holds Birides on 8 and 10 for his match against McIlroy. The comeback chances of the US were not great, but JT does not hear it. Is he the "American Poulter" as Johnny Miller just threw out? The Euro lead in five games

Sergio starts strong

Sergio Garcia shoots and leads after two holes 2 times before Rickie Fowler. Fowler misses an 8-foot putt on 2nd. Garcia, who came to Paris as captain, plays in his 41st Ryder Cup match today.

Thomas roars on the 8th

Justin Thomas sucks his long birdie putt to 8 to reduce McIlroy's lead in one fell swoop. "Come on!" he screams as it falls. If the Americans go through that, they need a lot more of it. There are five blue flags on the board with three still knocking pairs. None of the Euros carries more than one shot.

Tiger Can not Capitalize

After finding the massive Rough at 4, Tiger Woods has the opportunity to get to the top, but misses a short putt to save Par. You halve the hole and cream stays 1.

Six matings from

With half the games on the field, the Americans have three red flags very early on. Tony Finau has taken a 2-time lead against European star Tommy Fleetwood, who wants to try 5-0-0 in his first Ryder Cup.

Simpson with a Birdie

Webb Simpson holds the third hole of the Par-5 Come to Justin Rose. It is only the second time in a week that the Americans have won the hole.

Rory is on the up

McIlroy is hot on the putter and leads Thomas with two strokes. Rory has won two holes with pars, while Thomas fights for 1 after his stellar birdie.

Tiger behind early

Tiger Woods has about 30 feet for birdie at the opening hole but can not make the putt. Jon Rahm manages to go 1 with a birdie putt of about 6 feet.

Casey gets fired

Casey needs just one more hole to get back on track. He runs an incredibly long putt for birdie on number 2 to even fill the match and gives the fans a lot to cheer with some early fist pumps.

Casey is first in the water

After a perfect tee, Paul Casey finds the bunker, gets aggressive on his rescue shot and unfortunately the ball rolls into the water. Brooks Koepka wins the hole. In the meantime, Thomas returns one as the game with Rory goes back to all fields.

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