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Urban Meyer declares Zach Smith firing knew about allegations of 2009

CHICAGO – Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer said Tuesday he was aware of domestic abuse allegations against former recipient coach Zach Smith in 2009 when Smith was an assistant assistant to Meyers staff in Florida.

Meyer fired Smith on Monday after A report by Brett McMurphy revealed details of a 2009 Florida incident in which Smith was arrested for bumping his then pregnant wife into a wall during an altercation. Smith was never charged, but his current ex-wife filed a protection order against him last Friday in Ohio.

This order cited an earlier history of repeated abuse, though Smith was never charged.

"Very hard Call whenever you change something," Meyer said. "The most important people in our program are our players. It is very clear our expectations. So we had to make a change. "

The filing of the protection order followed a May incident in which Smith was charged with criminal transgressions During a custody exchange of his 1

3-year-old son, he drove his car into the entrance of his ex-wife. Smith did not plead guilty to this indictment with another hearing before the end of August trial.

Other reports on Monday exposed a domestic violence allegation against Smith in Ohio in 2015. Meyer said that was him unaware, and he could not find any record of it when he looked at it.

"When I first heard this, I did some research and there was nothing," Meyer said, "I do not know. Someone wrote me a text message last night. I said, "2015?" That was only a few years ago. I told people to ask for me. I'm not sure where this came from. "

Meyer, however, said he was aware of the Florida incident in 2009 [196592002]" We knew that in 2009, "Meyer said." It was a young couple. He was an intern for us. Every time I get a call or something, I tell my boss and let the experts do their work. It came to me, what happened, we advised her in the consultation "There was no charge, and what was reported was not what was later told to me."

Meyer would not say why he now wants to dismiss Smith if he had any previous knowledge of the 2009 incident.

"It's a personal matter," he said. "It's a decision that has been made for the best interest of our team."

A notice about Smith's replacement will come later this week, Meyer said.

Meyer is expected on the podium at Big Ten Media Days at 10: 30h ET on Tuesday.

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