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Urwerk AMC atomic clock and clock could sell for seven digits

One of the most complicated and accurate timepieces ever built, comes from a James Bond film and is auctioned for seven digits.

The Urwerk AMC (for Atomic Master Control) is a hybrid system According to Urwerk from two "autonomous, but interconnected" parts.

The first is the nearly 70-pound aluminum "base unit" that looks like Agent 007 might have to defuse a bomb – which is a state of art atomic clock. An atomic clock keeps the most accurate time on the planet, essentially measuring the high-velocity vibrations of atoms.

The other part, which is considered to be a mobile unit, is a mechanical wristwatch that can be docked into the base unit to correct for any vibration timing mismatches, as well as "compensation for minute changes in temperature, air pressure or humidity" according to Urwerk ,

The Urwerk AMC set contains an atomic clock paired with a mechanical wristwatch.

Source: Urwerk

The AMC masterpiece "keeps accuracy to one second every 317 years," says Paul Boutros, director of Phillips watches, to CNBC.

This hybrid is one of the top lots in Phillips' forthcoming "Game Changers" watch sales.

The evolution of the combination of watch and wristwatch lasted for almost a decade, and only three Urwerk AMC sets are manufactured, each retailing $ 2.7 million in the atomic battery docked clock for regulation the accuracy.

Source: Urwerk

The watch is sold by an owner who wishes to remain anonymous and she is the first to find the way to the secondary market. Boutros tells CNBC that the estimate will be well below the original $ 1 to $ 2 million selling price.

Boutros explains that there is a strategy for determining the auction estimate: "We give customers the opportunity to get something at a certain price. Good price, conservatively estimating, to build interest in the piece." He ultimately hopes that an increased interest will lead to a higher auction price.

So, who would be interested in dropping seven digits on such an extreme timing machine? "The Urwerk AMC will appeal to people who value craftsmanship, precision and art," says Boutros.

The Phillips Auction "Game Changers" will be held in New York on December 10th.

Erica Wright is the producer of the CNBC Special Projects Department.

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