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US briefing: Border police chief resigns, Democratic debates and Müller | US News

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Good morning, I am Tim Walker with the most important stories of today.

Deaths and protests fuel controversy surrounding the arrest of migrants Protection (CBP) has resigned as the government's immigration policy is increasingly controversial, particularly the inhumane conditions at a Texas CBP station housing migrant children. John Sanders, who will resign on July 5, gave no reason to quit, but recently asked Congress for additional resources to tackle the crisis. On Tuesday, the House approved a $ 4.5 billion emergency aid package to cover the record numbers of imprisoned migrants.

  • Tragic photo. Julia Le Duc, a reporter, photographed the bodies of a Salvadoran migrant and his daughter after drowning on Monday attempting to cross the Rio Grande to the United States. It is a hard and shocking picture of the migration crisis.

  • Wayfair strike. Hundreds of Wayfair employees are planning a strike Wednesday to protest against the Household Goods Company's involvement in the establishment of border camps for imprisoned migrants.

  • No refuge. Donald Trump has monitored the lowest levels of refugee reception since the creation of the modern resettlement system in 1

    980, tearing apart a program that has changed millions of lives, Amanda Holpuch reports.

Democrats prepare for elimination of candidates after initial debate

  Biden and Harris will participate in the second debate on Thursday, while O & Rourke and Warren will enter the stage on Wednesday.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take part in the second debate on Thursday, while Beto O & Rourke and Elizabeth Warren will enter the stage on Wednesday. Photo: Reuters File Photo / Reuters

The first 10 out of 20 candidates to qualify for NBC's democratic television debates will arrive in Miami on Wednesday. The focus is on Elizabeth Warren against rivals such as US Senator Cory Booker and former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke. The second debate on Thursday is expected to be an exciting one, with first election leaders Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and a number of other leading candidates including Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg to attend. Here's everything you need to know before you look at it.

Muller Says before the House Committees

  Robert Müller has agreed to appear in an open session on July 17, say the chairs of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.

Robert Müller has agreed to appear in an open session on July 17, the leaders of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees say. Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA

Robert Mueller, in an open session on July 17, will answer questions on his Trump-Russia investigation by the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees in what is likely to be the most anticipated Congressional hearing in years. After announcing the news on Tuesday, news committee chairman Adam Schiff said that the special prosecutor had reluctantly agreed to testify. In a May statement, Mueller suggested adding nothing to the contents of his report: "The report is my testimony."

  • Obstruction of justice. The White House of Trump has ordered several current and former employees to defy congressional summonses, but it has no influence on Muller, who leaves after completing his investigation from the Ministry of Justice.

Trump threatens Iran as the Middle East Peace Plan is ridiculed] Palestinian protesters are burning a poster of Trump during a protest against the start of the government's peace plan. "src =" https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/52773c9fe925cbfdc8f24ff3ab527e6dd7df0955/0_73_2187_1312/master/2187.jpg?width=300&quality=85&auto=format&fit=max&s=dc26e90447c3cca503f2e89e56515d1d "/>

Palestinian protesters burn a Trump poster during a protest against the start of the Government's peace plan. Photo: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters

The White House's foreign policy fueled further trouble on Tuesday, when Trump threatened Iran with "extinction" after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused him of suffering a "mental disorder" – an escalating war of words, always Fears of a real conflict in the region continue to increase. Meanwhile, in Bahrain, Jared Kushner revealed the economic concept of his peace plan for Israel-Palestine at an event attended by neither Israeli nor Palestinian officials.

  • spokesman. Melania Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham has been named new press spokesperson for the president, replacing Sarah Sanders. Grisham will continue to work with the First Lady, as well as assuming the role of Communications Director of the White House, which was released by Bill Shine in March.

Cheat sheet

  • Protesters in Hong Kong have urged heads of state and government to face the crisis The new territory's extradition law was proposed this week at the G20 summit in Osaka, on which Trump and Xi To discuss Jinping on the US-China trade war.

  • Denmark followed Finland and Sweden In As the third Nordic country, San Francisco formed a left-wing government under the youngest Danish Prime Minister, 41-year-old Social Democrat Mette Frederiksen.

  • San Francisco is the first city in the US to prohibit the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes to curb the rise of youth fumes.

  • Facebook's plan to introduce its own cryptocurrency Libra has met with skepticism from international regulators. According to the Financial Stability Board of the G20, the widespread use of bulk payments should "justify a thorough review by the authorities".


  Dominic Rushe has to catch them all.

Dominic Rushe just has to catch them catching them all. Illustration: Erum Salam

My Secret Shame: I'm (still) addicted to Pokémon Go.

Dominic Rushe is 52 years old, has two adult children and a Pulitzer Prize. He reads philosophy and listens to Stockhausen for fun. He is also incurably inspired by Pokémon Go. He visits Chicago's third annual Pokémon Go Fest – in the pouring rain – to meet the many thousands who share his shameful addiction.

Bryan Stevenson's lifelong quest for "true justice"

Since the Equal Justice Initiative was established in Alabama, three decades ago Several years ago, Bryan Stevenson worked to free more than 100 inmates, most of whom were black American trades. Now the lawyer is said to be the subject of an HBO documentary and a film starring Michael B. Jordan. He spoke to Jamiles Lartey.

Paul McCartney on Linda's best photos.

Before being Beatle's wife, Linda Eastman was the award-winning photographer who took fascinating shots of a generation of music stars. Paul McCartney talks to Alexis Petridis about six of her bests, including a favorite picture of herself and John: "It reminds me that we were not friends."

Toxic America: "We use kidney blood as detectors # 19659029 ] Anna Almendrala reports today in the series "Guardians Toxic America" ​​on how lead is poisoning a new generation of US children. Meanwhile, residents of Reserve, Louisiana – also known as "Cancer Town" – travel to Japan to confront the owners of a chemical plant that they claim have caused an increase in cancer and other health conditions. Credible allegation of rape against the US. President was a collective shrug. Arwa Mahdawi asks if it is journalistic cowardice or just indignation.

America locks children in dirty cages, and private companies benefit from it. The world is on the brink of a climate catastrophe and the Trump administration is looking the other way. Every day seems to bring a new nightmare; It is inevitable that we have committed ourselves to this cause.


The Netherlands and Italy will face each other in the quarter-finals of Women's World Cup after the Dutch have defeated Japan with a late penalty. during Le Azzurre reached the last eight for the first time in 28 years by sending China cool.

Street Dance moved one step closer to becoming an Olympic sport after IOC members formally requested provisional additions [19459010Breakdancing to the program for Paris 2024, pending a final decision after the Tokyo Games next year is taken.


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