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US election: While Trump is informing America about the corona virus, the Republicans are facing a critical decision

With many Americans violating public health guidelines on vacation weekends, Trump’s behavior creates a turning point for the GOP at a time when its poll ratings have dropped. Given American life, the question now is whether members of the Republican Party will remain silent when the president spreads fiction about a deadly virus, and if so, they will pay a price at the ballot box in November.

While Republicans abandoned Trump on facewear – many Americans urged to wear masks last week – they were largely silent about Trump’s efforts to deceive the public about the risks of the virus.

“I think the president is coming forward,”
; Iowa GOP senator Joni Ernst, who faces reelection in November, told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” on Sunday when asked if she believed Trump showed “failed leadership” “about coronavirus when she criticized former President Barack Obama about Ebola in 2014.

The President’s declining polls, particularly in swing states in his matchup against former Vice President Joe Biden, are causing great concern to Republicans today, and many long-time GOP strategists have been confused by his double strategy of ignoring the virus while they are trying to stimulate the race wars.

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A majority of Americans disagree with Trump’s handling of the pandemic (or his response to the nation’s racist settlements), which has caused dismay even in his own campaign because of the president’s economic revival and good news about a vaccine to restore his pandemic sets political fate.

But Trump went deeper into his controversial campaign strategy this weekend to distract from the virus with racial bait rhetoric. On Mount Rushmore on Friday, Trump described protesters as a left-wing fascist mob trying to “end America” ​​by erasing the nation’s history and indoctrinating its children. On Saturday night at the White House, he compared his attempt to defeat “the radical left” with the United States’ efforts to exterminate the Nazis.
GOP appalled as Trump's polls sink under divisive racial rhetoric:

While Friday and Saturday speeches marked new heights in the President’s inflammatory language, many Republicans have long been uncomfortable with Trump’s desire to resort to cultural warfare and racist, up-to-date language that he believes to be faithful to his base .

At the end of last month, as Trumps polls continued about his treatment of the protests, John Thune, a South Dakota Republican, said CNN Trump was “good with his base” and found that the people who “will decide in November” it’s the people in the middle. “

Fear of contradicting the president about coronavirus

The president’s view that the US has turned Covid-19 around the corner has also increasingly isolated him from key republican leaders, such as Texas governor Greg Abbott, who ask the public to wear masks and stay at home. The president’s punitive nature – and the long list of people he has fired or tweeted for after contradicting him – still leaves no room for criticism or criticism from GOP officials and his own public health experts correct him.

An example of this momentum was Sunday, when CNN’s Dana Bash repeated to Dr. and. Stephen Hahn asked to explain the President’s false statement that 99% of coronavirus cases are “completely harmless”.

“I will not go into who is right and who is wrong,” Hahn, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, told Bash during CNN’s State of the Union when she asked him to explain why the president did this when his public health experts said the opposite.

“I will say that we have data in the White House Task Force. This data shows us that this is a serious problem. People have to take it seriously,” said the FDA chief.

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An exception was the Republican Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos Gimenez, who contradicted the President on Sunday when he found his county in a difficult situation: “The virus is not harmless. No, absolutely not,” said Gimenez on Sunday in the CBS News. “Face the nation.” He found that the positivity rate in his region is around 20%, and said that more Floridians need critical care.

“If you have more (cases), you will obviously have more hospital stays, more intensive care units, more respirators and, unfortunately, more deaths,” said Gimenez.

In the meantime, Trump’s former homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, tweeted the threatening news on Sunday: “We’re in trouble … Once a state reaches over 1% prevalence, it will be much more difficult to put out the flare” Bossert tweeted. “It will take a tremendous effort to put out these outbreaks. More than just masks. We could exceed 500,000 US deaths this year if this trend continues.”

Further Trump rallies amid alarming signs of corona virus spread

Although the number of US coronavirus deaths has decreased, there is little evidence that the virus will go away. The rise in patient numbers overwhelmed some Texas hospitals as concerns about the reduction in capacity in intensive care units increased. Florida set a record on a single Saturday in most cases, surpassing the previous record set in New York in mid-April. Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb warned in CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that “there is no clear line of sight on how we can get this under control.”

The political polarization of the virus, which was triggered not least by conflicting messages from Trump and his public health experts, was in the spotlight this weekend.

Although the number of coronavirus cases has risen in 34 states in the past week – and 12 states have had a 50% increase in cases, according to John Hopkins University – the beaches in some parts of the country were full of people another empty.

Weekend photos showed up of partygoers dancing and shouting at a distance event in Diamond Lake, Michigan, and of crowds crowded in a water park in Wisconsin.

Cases are declining in three states – Kentucky, Vermont and the Swing state of New Hampshire, where the Trump campaign has announced that the President will hold a rally at Portsmouth International Airport on Saturday, where the crowd is at one Hangar with the overflow is crowd outside. The campaign said that there will be plenty of access to hand disinfectants and a face mask “which they should definitely wear” will be provided to all participants.

However, the concern is that the president’s descriptions of a harmless virus will cause his followers to protect themselves from the virus. In direct contradiction to Trump’s “completely harmless” claim, the death rate from coronavirus in the US this weekend was 4.6%, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The World Health Organization has said that 20% of all people diagnosed with coronavirus are sick enough to need oxygen or hospital care. And while the CDC estimates that a third of coronavirus cases are asymptomatic, this does not make the disease any less dangerous since people with mild or no symptoms can pass the virus on to others. By Sunday, the death toll in America had exceeded 129,000 American lives.

Democratic Mayor of Miami Beach, Dan Gelber, told CNN’s Boris Sanchez on Sunday that the situation in Miami would “worsen much,” and he said the separation between the local reality and the President’s message did the trick much more difficult to force Floridians to follow the guidance of health professionals.

“We urge people to make sacrifices, put on masks, distance themselves socially from people who love them, make sacrifices for others,” said Gelber. “On Friday night, the president is holding this big event, and none of these countermeasures have been taken, so how can we tell people to take very difficult medicines if the president tells them through his actions and words that they will not to have to? “

A growing number of Americans also don’t trust the President’s information about the virus. According to the New York Times / Siena College poll last month, only 26% of registered voters trusted Trump to provide accurate information about the corona virus, while around 77% of registered voters trusted the CDC.

It is not yet clear what damage Trump’s Republican counterparts could do with the president at the top of the ticket in November – and whether they will stay with him if his message gets more dangerous.

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