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US military vehicle hit by road bomb in Niger, officials say

A roadside bomb exploded and damaged a US military vehicle that was defeated in West African Niger, but nobody was killed, US Fox News said on Sunday.

United States. Officials confirmed that a tactical vehicle was damaged in the Saturday explosion, but said the cause was "indefinite at the time."

US. Africa Command told Fox News, "A US-backed ambush vehicle (MAT-V) activated an improvised explosive device (IED) as it hit a shooting range near Ouallam, Niger."

  A Roadside Bomb A US military vehicle was hit in Niger but no one was killed.

A street bomb hit a US military vehicle in Niger, but nobody was killed.
(US Marine Corps photo by Kyle McNally / Google Maps)


The statement added: and Nigerian partner troops conducted a training exercise during the blast. "

Ouallam in western Niger is not far from where four US soldiers died during an October 2017 ambush. The attack by Islamic militants also killed four Nigerian soldiers in joint patrol.

The ambush drew attention to the role of the US military in training troops in Niger.

The Pentagon announced in November that it would reduce the fight against terrorism in Africa over the next few years.

This step would be in line with the Trump government's belief that the greatest challenge to US security and prosperity is strategic competition with China and Russia rather than the threat of extremist groups such as the Islamic State Group.


Africa Command told Fox News: "Niger is an important partner in the fight against violent extremist organizations. The US Forces are in Niger to work with Nigerian partners to promote stability and security while fighting their security threats. "

Lucas Tomlinson and The Associated Press of Fox News contributed to this report.

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