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US Recession Alert: Trump Panic Published as Shock Numbers – "On Borrowed Time" | World | news

The gap between yields on 10-year and 10-year US Treasuries – a closely watched indicator of signs of slowing – fell to less than one basis point after narrowing to its lowest level since June 2007. CNBC reported that investors panicked. Bank of America technical strategist Stephen Suttmeier said the US now has a "borrowed time".

Mr. Suttmeier said, "The US stock market has borrowed time after the yield curve has turned around."

"However, after a first contribution-inversion slump, the S & P 500 may be facing a major US recession recover significantly.

"Yield curve inversions can be an early warning sign of economic weakness or recession, but they are an early warning sign.

"By 1

956, it took eight to 24 months for a recession in the US to begin after an inversion of the yield curve.

Dow futures fell 200 due to alarming prognosis.

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Stock investors on Wall Street and in Asia had previously fueled when US President Donald Trump brought forward the deadline for the introduction of new tariffs for remaining Chinese imports on 1 September.

The S & P 500, which fell 1% on Monday, rose 1.5% overnight, while Asian equities outside Japan rose 0.6%.

The benchmarks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo reflected the rise in US equities.

However, the momentum in Europe eased as optimism abated. This meant that tensions eased and the slowdown in Germany showed the damage the trade war had already done.

"And you are not trying to weaken the dollar, and you are not trying to get the Fed to cut interest rates dramatically when things are going well.

When asked why he was not done anymore, he said it was because "someone insults the general public."

He warned, "I feel that the pressure will be greater, ever the closer we get the more important it is that the stock market stays here. "

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