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Use the placebo effect to help you overcome colds faster

Since a cold is a viral infection, you can not do much to make it disappear. That means that most of the remedies people swear by-think, vitamin C, essential oils, elderflower syrup-make you feel better and do not literally fight your cold. However, since it is important to feel better, you can get the same benefits if you go to the drugstore for a specific, overpriced placebo at 9:00 pm or not.

But first a word about what the placebo effect is. A placebo is used in drug studies (often a sugar pill) that are given as a drug but do not contain an active ingredient. It aims to work out the effect of a real drug compared to the small amount of people feeling better when they think they are taking medication.

Part of the placebo effect is the power of positive thinking. You can use this power with some psychological tricks. Another part of the placebo effect is that it is a statistical gathering point for all things that affect how you feel, how you feel medicated, and otherwise. To take advantage of these benefits:

Expect to get better.

For most of us, a cold usually only lasts for a few days – maybe a week or two. If you try to try it until you feel like garbage in one day, and then drink a tea that you're told will fix you, you'll get up a little better the next day, whether the tea did something or not.

After all, you would have gotten better anyway. And by definition, your worst day is always followed by a better one. So, when you feel bleak, console yourself with the fact that you will feel better soon.

Find a sensual experience that reminds you to take care of you.

Associations are powerful things. If your mother made you chicken soup as a child when you were sick at home, you might still like it today – not just because of the taste, but also because of the memories associated with it. You may be unhappy when you are snooping at work and on the way home, but as soon as you cuddle up under a blanket and have a soup in front of you, you'll think, yes, finally I'll take care of myself.

Or you've become used to a particular placebo that makes you feel active and purposeful. No one ever dissolves a pill in the air in water because he loves the taste or feels a warm connection to the target from which he bought it. However, it may give you the feeling of having a chemistry lab where you can make a medicine and dose it yourself.

So use this link if you want. Just keep in mind that it does not have to be tied to a particular product. Instead, you can mix honey and hot tea, or choose another childhood reminder to restore it. Do you like making lists? Cuddle up under this blanket and make a list of experiences that you can follow to make you feel good.

Stop doing things that hate you. Do you feel bad, but do you hate ginger ale? Throw it away. Doing things that you hate will not help you get better (unless they are actual medical treatments that are prescribed for a reason you know I'm not talking about here). In fact, it may happen that you feel worse if you are convinced that a thing is ineffective or harmful – it is called a nocebo effect.

If you have a ritual, you always do it, even though you hate it. Instead, exchange something that you like. If someone gives you a natural cough syrup that you can not stand, gently throw it in the bin as soon as you leave it.

Eat Well and Sleep Well

It is usually more sensible to take care of yourself than certain items or incantations. If you take all your placebos, you probably also take the time to rest, get sick, work, drink extra fluids, and all the other things that are likely to do more than any home remedy. Stay warm. Rest. You know what to do.

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