With AR Tech, the 321 LAUNCH app can creatively "launch" an animated SpaceX rocket. But that's just one of the cool benefits: It also launches in real-time with live rocket launches. Video by Jessica Saggio, FLORIDA TODAY.

321 LAUNCH app uses AR Tech to launch an animated SpaceX rocket.

It seems the Twitterverse also fell for the 321 LAUNCH app.

We searched Twitter and Instagram for "321 LAUNCH" pictures and app users surprised us with their creativity.

The app, presented by USA TODAY and FLORIDA TODAY has two tasks, per se: Experience a start-up simulation with augmented reality technology, or customize the animated SpaceX rocket in the app to the actual bird during a live start. A third, tongue-in-cheek mission has this snapchatability: See where you can launch or land the rocket, and then share it on social media. More: 321 LAUNCH app: What is it and why do you need it

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321 LAUNCH App launched on March 29 as a free download in the app Store and Google Play.

We'll socialize for more creative 321 LAUNCH rocky pics to add to this summary or add them as they come in – just send them to [email protected]

Learn more about App 321 LAUNCH, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play store , visit or

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In this episode of Two Space Dudes, Rob and Emre discuss about Apps – appetizers and apps. Video by Rob Landers. March 27, 2018
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Send us your 321 LAUNCH pictures

Thanks to the 321 LAUNCH app, we "launched" a missile from a kitchen, our editor-in-chief, from the pool at the Melbourne Air and Space Show and during a baseball game , Now let's see where you can launch a rocket with this app. It is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Download it, use it, take a screen grab and show us what you did. Email # 321LAUNCH pictures to [email protected] We publish the best # 321LAUNCH pictures on our social networks and on our website.


With Augmented Reality, the 321 LAUNCH app transforms the way you watch live rocket launches.


FLORIDA TODAY & USA TODAY teamed up to create a super cool app that lets you launch rockets through augmented reality. You do not want to miss this, but if you need to convince, here are 5 reasons why you need it in your life. Video of Jessica Saggio


What is the difference between AR & VR? One is totally immersive (VR) and the other extends reality (AR). 321 LAUNCH App from USA TODAY & FLORIDA TODAY uses AR Tech. Video by Jennifer Sangalang, FLORIDA TODAY.

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