The US Postal Service is attempting to increase the price of its first-rate postal stamps forever in the biggest price increase since 1991.

The USPS Governor-Governor demanded a 5 -Cent increase on the eternal stamp, up to 55 cents. Before recalculating the cost of sending these wedding invitations, USPS said the change would also reduce the extra ounce price of the letters. For example, a 2-ounce franked letter would drop from 71 cents to 70 cents after statement .

The priority mail flat rate could rise by an average of 5.9 percent. For example, a medium flatrate box that now costs $ 13.65 would rise to $ 14.35.

The Postal Regulatory Commission must approve the changes before they can enter into force.

The new price plan comes at a time when USPS is struggling to sell as the mail has been replaced by electronic communications. As the service handles more package delivery, the loss in mail delivery was more dramatic – and Mail is the service's main source of income, Postmaster General and CEO Megan Brennan said earlier this year of financial loss.