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v10.10 Fortnite Patch Notes – Retail Return, Infinity Blade Unvaulted

Epic Games has released the full patch notes for Fortnite Patch Update 10.10.

The Fortnite servers will be out of service for the 10:10 patch update at 4:00 am ET due to maintenance. However, Epic has already released the full patch notes on today's update.


Store Line
A Rift Zone has turned the Mega Mall back into a storefront, and prices have dropped significantly. These discounts are at the expense of a heightened threat: in the Rift Zone, crazy enemies emerge, and they want the mall all to themselves.

Fortnite – Rift Zone – Retail Range

World Run LTM
Dive in, dodge and duck into treacherous traps, lava pits and more to become the fastest runner in the world. 16 players are running to finish the course. The first team to collect 30 coins wins!

LIMITED TIME MODES [1965] Respawning: At

  • 16 players.
  • 4 teams.
  • The team that collects 30 coins fastest wins.
    • If two teams collect the same number of coins, the team that wins the game wins.


  • Vaulted only in the sword fighting squads and duo LTMs:
    • Infinity Blade
      • Reduces environmental damage from 10000 to 600.

    [19659013] Increased the number of resource stacks in Tilted Town chests from 1 to 3.

  • BRUTE updates:
    • A target laser has been added, which is displayed when players load and fire missiles.
      • In addition to protecting the BRUTE, this laser is visible to enemies and teammates.
      • This is intended to provide clarity to all players to whom a shooter targets their missiles before they are fired.
    • Improved visual and acoustic feedback during the self-destruct sequence.
    • BRUTEs can now be entered directly from glider mode. [19659016] BRUTE updates spawn logic for large team respawn game modes.
      • BRUTEs now appear intermittently throughout the game instead of waiting for the end of the Storm phases.
    • BRUTEs abandoned in the storm destroy themselves after 30 seconds.
    • BRUTEs appear again after 15 seconds on the minimap when no player is in either seat.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where enemies' BRUTEs were sometimes invisible.
  • BRUTEs can no longer be used to go through the map faster than intended.
  • The rotation speed of BRUTE's tower is no longer dependent on the frame rate.


  • Retail Range
    • A Rift Zone has replaced the Mega Mall's POI with a retail line.
      • Retailers are now creating hordes of fiends who are gambling on players.
        • Fiends can drop weapons, supplies, or ammunition if they are eliminated.
        • Fiends can not leave the Retail Row Rift Zone.
  • Chests and ammunition containers now open when they are destroyed.
    • Known Issue: Destroying a chest or ammunition container by destroying the object on which it is placed does not open it.
      • We plan to fix this issue in the v10.20 update.

Bug Fixes

  • The Hidden Battle Stars of Week 1 and 2 can now be collected.
  • Fixed an issue where Bush reset the displayed equipment timer if the player tried to activate it several times. (Players could continue to equip the bush at the scheduled time, but the displayed timer would be incorrect.)
  • Fixed an issue where no smoke from supplies appeared when the box was out of sight.
  • Trees no longer transform into different tree species when damaged.
    • This includes snow-covered trees that no longer turn into non-snow-covered trees.
  • Fixed an issue where chests might sometimes be interrupted or opened at the beginning of a game.
  • The message "Welcome to Tilted Town" is no longer repeated when players enter or leave Titled Town. Storm warnings are no longer overlapped.
  • Running over bottle / fancy flip-toys in motion no longer causes a camera problem.


  • A correction was made on August 5 to fix an arena matchmaking issue. This causes players in a larger hype area to be aligned than intended.
    • As players are now aligned in a narrower hype area, some players may experience longer wait times. This is to ensure higher quality matches.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Tilted Town Chests could not be opened.


  • Other Improvements Performance designed to reduce the likelihood that low-detail players land on POIs.


  • Visual Update for the Plastic Patroller outfit
    • Added mud smears, wear, and a lighter outline.
      • These changes have been added to prevent this outfit from creating camouflage in certain areas of the map that makes it very difficult to see.
    • All players who previously purchased this outfit have the option to refund it without using a refund token if they so desire.
      • Note: This refund option is available for 30 days with the timer starting after your next login.
  • Updated the Mecha T The animation of eam Leader Outfit has been restored to its original version.

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced the depiction of the emotional wraps on weapons.


  • Hall on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


  • Context Learning System
    • A hint system that guides and teaches players who are new to Battle Royale.
    • This system displays player tips during games. Each tip is displayed in situations for which it is most relevant.
    • Can be set to On or Off on the Game Settings tab.
      • By default, it is set to On.
  • Updated the background of the Item Shop.

Bug Fixes

  • Tiles for completed missions no longer display "0%" and are no longer a tick.
  • Suggested challenges on the map screen no longer occupy all space or show missions with higher levels.
  • Tiles for limited duration missions no longer appear as "Soon" if the time remaining is to be displayed.


  • In Battle Map camera mode, tracking now smoothly follows the path rather than skipping large steps.
  • Storm post-processing disabled in Battle Map.
  • Keyboard bindings were added Change the playback speed in repetitions. G now increases the playback speed and Shift + G now reduces the playback speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing the Battle Map Options The camera mode does not reset the camera position.
  • The battle card no longer changes to the view of a third person when the combat bus is started.
  • Disabled cad visibility in Combat Card when showing a single game.


  • Push Notification System
    • The system can be managed in Device Settings or Game Settings to toggle between "On" and "Off".
  • The safe zone is respected by iOS X devices on the Battle Pass .
  • Auto Fire is now applied to players with Bush gear.
  • Teammates and HUD palettes of the Quick Access toolbar are displayed while watching.
  • "Exit" The button has been removed on the logout screen.
  • A single tap is required to open the card afterwards, closed with "X" at the top of the screen.
  • The Push To Talk button is available again on the Battle Bus.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash issue Occurs when the game exits the background after completing a match on Android.
  • Fixed a crash issue that occurred when the device was put into sleep mode for more than 10 seconds on iOS.
  • BRUTE buttons are now named accordingly.
  • When players select a match mode, no secondary marquee is displayed.
  • The Reject button in the HUD layout tool correctly removes all changes made.
  • The Show button The Help button disappears when you enter the fight bus.
  • The Item-Shop page is centered on devices with a 4: 3 resolution.
  • The page Battle Pass was won not duplicate.
  • The Quick Heal button does not appear when the players are in the canceled but not failed state.
  • Automatic firing with the riflescope is triggered correctly.
  • Click "X" on the map to close it Does not disable the right stick feature for the & # 39; Razer: Raiju & # 39; controller.
  • The text box on the keyboard does not remain on the screen after locking and unlocking the screen when writing a gift message to Android.
  • We made graphic enhancements in the following areas:
    • Vie w All Rewards Screen of the Battle Pass
    • Spray Sale Glider
    • Tac Bats Harvesting Tool
    • There Outfit Variant [19659013] Atmosphere Backpack
    • Catalyst Outfit Eyes
    • Updated Vendetta Outfit [19659018Similarlooksandotherplatforms

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