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Vaccine safety concern has regional differences – Axios

While 79% of people worldwide are "somewhat" or "strongly agreeing" that the vaccines are safe, certain parts of the world have been found to be contaminated Trust released on Wednesday.

Why it matters: The global health community is struggling to find a way out of vaccines, which has recently become contagious but preventable measles, even though vaccine injuries are rare.

Details: Wellcome says this "first-of- [its] -child global survey" asked more than 1

40,000 people aged 15 and older

By the numbers: Per Wellcome Global Monitor 2018, when asked for their position on "Vaccines are safe," respondents i ndicated …

  • Globally: 79% agree that vaccines are safe, 7% disagree, 11% agree nor disagree, and 3% do not know.
  • North America: 72% 16% disagree, 16% disagree, 1% do not know.
  • Eastern Europe: 50% agree, 17% disagree, 26% agree nor disagree, 7% do not know
  • France: Show the highest percentage of people who disagree vaccines that are safe, at 33%.
  • Bangladesh and Rwanda: % and 94% respectively.
  • Note: "Agree" and "disagree" combine both ranges of "somewhat" and "strong."

Wellcome's report says France's vaccine skepticism what is found to be different in the various demographics as "it does not vary significantly by education, age, gender, urban or rural status, or whether people are parents."

  • The report notes th The researchers have found that there is a great deal of controversy in vaccine skepticism in France after the pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccination campaign in 2009.
  • "The rising vaccine hesitancy in France over immigrant thresholds and led to rising numbers of measles and meningococcal disease cases, "the report states.

Methodology: This study is included in the Gallup World Poll. 3,600 interviewers in the 144 countries using face-to-face and phone interviews to collect the data from April to December 2018. Here's their methodology and their questionnaire.

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