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Valorant Patch updates the headshot sound, but Riot returns to the old one

Valorant is still in closed beta and this means that all sorts of things can change in the game. Riot is still updating the looks and design of the characters, the art is still changing, and every update shows all sorts of new additions. In this week’s patch, one of those changes was a new headshot sound … and people absolutely hated it. But after Riot grumbles for half a day, Riot changes him back to the old sound.

Within a few hours of this week’s patch launch, players had already noticed the sound change and were starting to complain. Among these complaints was a Reddit post that made it near the top of the country Valorant subreddit, where the community expressed their collective displeasure with the new sound.

While a small minority on the website said they didn’t like the original sound or found it hard to hear, a much larger group just wanted their old headshot sound back. In fact, one player went so far as to say that the satisfying sound of the old headshots was one of their favorite design choices in the game.

Whirl with all this feedback Uprising announced on the official Valorant Twitter account that it would reset the headshot sound change in an update; it went live on Thursday morning. The change in the head shot noise was not noted in the original Valorant Patch notes, so it’s not clear why Riot made the change in the first place. Some Reddit users in the complaint thread mentioned that they didn’t often notice the old sound, which could be a possible reason.

Whatever the reasons, it seems that more people have missed the old sound than complained about why it is back in the game. As part of the hotfix that reset the headshot sound, Riot also fixed some outstanding bugs and exploits that resulted from the Wednesday patch.

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