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Valve announces Index, a new headset for virtual reality – Game Rant

Valve has tried out almost anything to do with the games, having burned out hits like Half-Life and Portal and operated a complete online game store, but now It seems the company is also putting its hat in the virtual reality ring with a new headset.

The Valve website released an image on Friday that irritates the new device. In the picture, the valve index is clearly visible on the device and looks very similar to a VR headset. Of course, all this is an assumption based on the information available that does not go beyond the image itself. The promotional tease simply encourages viewers to "improve their experience" and releases a date for May 2019 that we believe will provide more information about the device. According to CNET, a Valve spokesman refused to provide more information and merely offered some of it. He said, "We will have more information soon."

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So far, Valve Virtual Reality has been supported by companies like HTC If it is actually trying on its own VR headset, it would work directly with HTC and other vendors such as Sony and his PlayStation VR compete. If the idea of ​​a Valve VR headset looks appealing, you can get more information about it. The Valve Index should be available about the next month. [19659005] When a VR headset is in the works, it's nice to see Valve as a pioneer again. Recently, Steam has focused mainly on the company's popular gaming platform, which provides a variety of titles for download. Unfortunately, due to the mismanagement of the platform, there has been some criticism in which users intentionally leave negative reviews of titles to affect their sales. Although Valve has made efforts to combat revision bombs, it has introduced an instrument that identifies abnormal review activities. The company then manually submits and investigates, removing those who consider it illegitimate.

These are not the only changes that occur on Steam. The platform has been controversial and often allows particularly venomous titles in the store. Some spread hate messages or are generally offensive. However, this is over when Valve has started to clean things up and recently banned almost 180 Steam games to save his reputation and create a friendlier environment on the platform.

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