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Valve finds Artifact in a long developmental coma

Almost exactly four months after launching Artifact, Valve puts her card game into an infinite state of sleep development. In a blog titled "Towards A Better Artifact", the developers learn about their expectations and their future plans. This is the first time in three months that the popular developer of the massively successful esports titles Dota 2 and Counter-Strike has commented on the development progress.

The number of players dropped sharply from the all-time high after the release of Artifact. After that, the number of players dropped steadily, and already one month after the start of the players' summit, some 8,000 players would already be at the same time. Previously, this weakness had registered a new player low of 97 simultaneous players.

▲ In the last few months, Artifact did not seem to break the player charts. 19659005] "Obviously, things did not turn out the way we had hoped, and the artifact represents the biggest discrepancy between our expectations of receiving one of our games and the actual outcome." Regarding the future, Valve says: " (…) We believe that the correct course of action is to take greater steps to review the decisions we have made during the game's design , the economy, the social experience of the game and much more. (…) As we evolve, we will focus on these larger issues, rather than sending updates to the process of experimenting and developing a lot of time we are excited to take on this challenge and will contact you as soon as we are ready. "

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