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Valve updates from Steam VR because Beat Saber players are too fast

Readers of Beat Saber collected what the Valve developers considered "humanly possible".

In a recent post announcing Steam VR's latest update, the changes listed are as follows: "Increase the bounds that we believe will increase for controller movements due to Beat Saber's tracking data []. by experts. "In other words, some people are so good at Beat Saber a rhythm game in which you use sliders to slash red and blue blocks, the Steam VR could not track before.

The bug that fixes this issue affects the responsible lighthouse tracking sensors from Vive hardware to record players' positions and movements while playing Steam VR. To be more specific, Valve increased the maximum threshold for the speed at which a player can move one of the VR controllers.

In the comment section of the post, a Valve developer wrote that "the tracking system has internal sanity checks for identification when things go wrong. He continued:

"For example, if our math says you * are * behind * your only base station, we made a mistake because we would not receive a signal behind the base station. One of these reviews relates to how quickly we thought it physically possible for someone to turn the wrist. It turns out that a properly motivated person using a controller with sufficient light output can drive faster (3600 degrees / second!) Than we thought. "

To put this into perspective, a rotation at 3600 degrees per second is equivalent to a 90 degree swing from horizontal to vertical in 0.025 seconds. Like the developers at Valve, I would have thought that players with super-twitch skills would be able to move fast, but not but quickly.

Some Beat Saber players are actually strong with the force.

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