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Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Brings The Cult RPG Series To The Modern Age

After many teases on social media, Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs have finally revealed Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, the sequel to the original 2004 RPG. With Bloodlines 2, releasing in 2020 for PC and consoles, several key members from the former studio Troika Games, along with some new blood at Hardsuit Labs, are looking to pick up where the bleak yet off-the-wall original left off. Just Brian Mitsoda and senior writer Cara Ellison about the making of the sequel.

As an adaptation of the table-top game series from White Wolf Publishing, the first Bloodlines focused on the shadowy underworld of Vampire society in modern-day Los Angeles. Starting out as a newly converted vampires, you were drawn into centuries-long quarrels among elite vampires, all the while coming to grips with your new and unusual circumstances. While much of the first game has not been done well, its in-depth role-playing and social gameplay are enduring achievements. Showing shades of immersive-sims like Deus Ex and System Shock, it seems like they were using their vampire abilities to navigate the complex web of conspiracies within the secret society.

The game's original developers, Troika Games "Prepared up concepts for a follow up, however, low sales and a run of bloodlines' launch forced the closure of the studio. RPG into an underground hit.

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The new protagonist of Bloodlines 2 is thrusting into her new life as a vampire. Taking place in the city of Seattle, the new fledgling faces a tribunal held by the Camarilla – the union of different vampires factions. Recalling their final moment alive, and subsequent rebirth at the hands of another vampire, the meeting comes under attack, forcing you to make a quick exit. From here, you'll be able to work your way up the vampire hierarchy, and treat it as a creature of the night.

For the sequel, the developers expressed that they wanted to maintain The same level of action and detail from the previous game, while focusing more on the strange and lesser-known details of a new life as a vampire. This on-boarding process, as seen in the opening of the game, highlights the new abilities that come with being a vampire. In addition to taking on different disciplines, you'll also have a vampire skills to use, such as levitation, telekinesis, and even a mist-form – allowing you to pass through objects. Eventually, you'll be able to unlock access to higher-end abilities, like conjuring up sharp objects made of blood and slow down to easily evade enemies.

During the demo, Mitsoda – who served as the lead writer on

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"There's something exciting about the player discovering this world that is right under our noses, "said Mitsoda as he elaborates on the World Building of the Game. "This is Bloodlines. It's like a blood part." This feels like Bloodlines. "So, we want to go to people."

Just like in Bloodlines 1, you'll be able to freely explore various open hubs and far away locations while tackling missions with other key characters In addition to exploring locations like Pioneer Square, Pier 55, and other areas of downtown Seattle, you'll follow through to the city's underground ruins

According to the developers, Bloodlines 2 wants to shed light on the various vampire cultures a nd their power structures. Just like in the original game, the sequel is lean heavy on socializing. You're likely to be in a high-pressure situation with humans and vampires alike, where you can make a choice that could compromise relationships. Siding with one faction can put you at odds with another. However, you're totally free to break away from a side at anytime. These social situations can highlight the mundanity of living life as a vampire. Shortly after making it back to your apartment, you meet a fellow named Dale, who volunteers to be your broker and to help with your transition.

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While explaining their approach to balancing the absurdity of vampirism with the more Carry Ellison spokesman Carola Ellison spoke about humor and humor in the bloodlines.

"I'm kind of in charge of looking at the game as almost vampire puberty, like where it's a transition from leaving humanity behind, "Ellison said. "It's quite a dark game, but we manage to show it as an absurdity, and you might encounter some people who were weathering their situation It's all about us, because I'm British Everything is funny to us, like Brexit is weirdly funny. […] There's a lot of complexity in there to explore It's pretty fun to write. "

Since you're a vampire, handling your business and exploring the city – even in the evening – can be a challenge. This is where the series' signature Masquerade gameplay comes in. According to series lore, The Masquerade is a code of conduct that must follow in order to prevent their existence to humanity. Though you are a vampire, you still look normal enough to pass as a human while in public. However, when you use your supernatural powers in front of unsuspecting humans, you'll break the Masquerade and draw attention to yourself and the larger vampire society. Police and common criminals can not stop threatening, however, and causing too much.

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Bloodlines 2 carries over the complexity of the original game, allowing you to overcome obstacles and events in different ways by using your vampire skills or social charms – like seduction, for instance. However, there will be a time where you'll need to defend yourself, which includes several conventional weapons and supernatural abilities. In one section taking place in a back ally at Pioneer Square, there's an opportunity to break up an attempted mugging. While watching this bit of gameplay, we saw the main character using one of these skills one after another.

Though you'll have plenty of tools to use, melee combat want to have a larger focus, which the developers said they were looking for. During combat, you'll be ready to launch pre-emptive strikes against human enemies. Blood is a resource that you'll need to keep track of, powering your various abilities.

How do you advance your character can set the tone for what's to come. This even comes into play by the type of human blood you feed on. If targets are angry, especially during a combat encounter, then you're fed up with anger. If they're frightened, then they'll be highlighted with the fear. Feeding on a specific type of blood for a long time. But if you choose to forego your humanity, and kill indiscriminately for too long, your character will dip into the vampiric side. Vampiric abilities as a result.

 According to the developers, if they happen, their character's social skills will be affected, making certain situations - like socializing or going out in public - more difficult, but inversely, you can acquire more. No Caption Provided

Some of my favorite moments from the previous game where you could just push social or combat situations into your favor. Though often times they did not work out in ways that I intended, I ended appreciating the events that occurred, most of which was very odd. From this early look, Bloodlines 2 looks to be a faithful restart for the series, keeping up the adaptive, and incredibly bizarre storytelling. Fifteen years after the original game's release.

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