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Vegan influencer caught catching fish is shocked that their fans are outraged: "I never expected this reaction"


A vegan YouTube creator and Instagram influencer with nearly 3 million combined social media followers is being condemned by her fans for faking her lifestyle and making money Yovana Mendoza Ayres, 29, is known for her lifestyle brand Rawvana, which promotes plant-based life through a vegan diet (ie no animal products, whether meat or dairy) or eggs) and skin care routines. She even sells meal plans and weight loss programs, including a 21

-day challenge that costs up to $ 99. But after surfacing in a friend's YouTube video and eating a plate of fish and trying to hide it, the platform that created it falls apart.

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According to Ayres & # 39; Instagram, the destination of the trip she was on when the video was shot was "a plant-based paradise." The fish fiasco that ended in Bali, however, seemed to tell a different story. Soon after the video was released and the fans started, she called Ayres on her own YouTube channels – one in Spanish and one in English – to release a 33-minute video titled "This is what happens." ,

Throughout In the video, she talked about her history of raw and vegan food over the last six years, which included some missteps and a number of other test diets – including a 25-day Lent in 2014. Ultimately, she said, that 2017 seemed like the way she ate and the things she did not eat affected her health to the point where she was almost anemic and even stopped ovulating.

"I did not ovulate," she told the video. "I was basically anemic and my thyroid scores were low, it was really bad, but it was at the limit."

By trial and error with various doctors and eating habits, Ayres said that her body feels normal again and her ovulation and menstruation returned. However, when she got a yeast infection in 2018, she tried again to find a way to heal her body and turned to fasting. Fast forward to January 2019, when she was diagnosed with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), which can lead to malnutrition.


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"At that time, I felt desperate for my health and for one To find summer time solutions, I began to be interested in the possibility of adding some animal product to my diet, "explains Ayres in the video. "It was really hard because I've seen this food, this animal feed, for so long, as something that's basically toxic to my body, something I do not need, that my body does not need, and seeing it as something that could healing me was really hard for me – it's still hard to accept and admit. "

Actually so hard to admit that it not only kept the intake of fish and eggs secret from her vegan followers, she also continued to make money them, while she provided a plant-based lifestyle during the three months she was no longer alive.

Yet she does not see it that way.

"I kept it from my followers because I still was not ready to talk about it, and I was still in the trial period for this diet." After being plant-based for over 6 years, it was one difficult decision for me, and even more a difficult decision for me to communicate with everyone, "says Ayres to Yahoo Lifestyle. "I got so much hate for the video where I explain my reasons, not just in this video, but on every social media platform, I understand why the vegan community feels that way, but I never expected it that this response emanates from a community that I held for my own family all these years. "

The answers from Ayres' former fans and followers ranged from those who expressed their anger towards the influencer, to those who felt hurt by their lack of transparency.

Regardless of the decrease in subscribers who watch their YouTube channels Ayres already do not seem to be discouraged by the future of their business.

"Right now, I have no plans for my platform," she explains Yahoo Lifestyle, "but I'd love to keep growing and share my healing process. Help other people along the way."

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