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Venezuela arrests leading opposition leader Edgar Zambrano Venezuela news

Venezuelan agents have arrested a leader of opposition leader Juan Guaido, who dragged his vehicle away with a tow truck in the first major detention, following a failed attempt to trigger a military uprising last week by President Nicolas Maduro's government ,

Edgar Zambrano, vice president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, said on Wednesday at 18:20 local time (22:40 GMT) on Twitter that a SEBIN intelligence unit had his vehicle in front of his party's headquarters the Democratic Action in the capital Caracas.

"We were surprised by the SEBIN, and after refusing to leave our vehicle, they used a tow truck to forcibly bring us (SEBIN headquarters) Helicoide," he said.

Venezuela's pro-Maduro Constituent Assembly agreed on Tuesday to withdraw Zambrano and six other MPs from their parliamentary immunity to allow their future prosecution. The opposition does not recognize the decisions of the Assembly.

The Supreme Court had accused these legislators of conspiracy, rebellion and betrayal and charged three other opposition politicians with the same crimes on Wednesday. The opposition says Maduro has piled the court with his own followers.

People outside the Party Center of Democratic Action in Caracas [Rodrigo Abd/AP Photo]

On April 30, Guaido attempted to trigger a military uprising to overthrow Maduro, but there were no widespread soldiers surprises and the plan burst. Maduro condemned it as a coup attempt.

"One of the prime conspirators of the coup has just been arrested," said Diosdado Cabello, head of the Constituent Assembly, in comments broadcast on state television.

to pay before the court for the failed coup they had attempted, "he said.

Guaido said on Twitter," The regime has kidnapped the first vice-president.

The head of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, said: "We urge the SEBIN to end the intimidation, to respect the legislatures' parliamentary immunities, and to release Edgar Zambrano immediately."

Supreme Court of Venezuela Targeting Opposition Leader

In January, Guaido called for Venezuela's constitution, proclaiming himself interim, stating that the re-election of Maduro in 2018 was illegal.The United States and most other Western nations have recognized Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

He said he did not accept decisions by the Maduro government, including the Constituent Assembly, which is controlled by the ruling Socialist Party.

The Constituent Assembly lifted Guaido's parliamentary immunity in early April and authorities have not attempted to do so since arrest, but Maduro said he who de "facing justice". The administration of US President Donald Trump has threatened Maduro's government with a harsh reaction should Guaido ever be detained.

"What we have seen so far is a government that has been extremely cautious with the opposition over the last three months, especially Guaido, because the US has said that it is very trying to harm its physical integrity is serious, "said Teresa Bo of Al Jazeera, who reported from Caracas.

"But as we know so far, 15 legislators are your immunity, and three of them have already been arrested."

Earlier Wednesday, Maikel Moreno, head of the Supreme Court, rejected the US government's threats Sanction members of his court if they did not oppose Maduro's government and Guaido. [19659004] The US Treasury imposed sanctions on Moreno and the seven main members of the Constitutional Court in 2017 for making decisions that "seized" the authority of the National Assembly.

US Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that the Trump government will soon approve the 25 remaining members of the court. Pence said the United States lifted the economic sanctions against a former Venezuelan general who turned against Maduro to encourage other Maduro allies to follow suit.

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