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Afghan candidate does not accept election results | news

The current Director-General and candidate to re-chair Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah warned this Sunday that he will not recognize the outcome of last September's elections unless he has recently stopped the examination of the votes and their examination

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The ruler claims that opposition candidate Ashraf Ghani urged that he receive a further 300,000 votes that were not received on biometric devices used in surveys and which should be annulled.

"As our observers are not present to observe the (counting) process, these results are not legitimate," Abdullah warned at a meeting with thousands of his followers in Kabul.

An Important Leader of the Ashraf Ghani Campaign He told the international media that Abdullah's camp fears census because they would lose.

The team of candidate Abdullah ordered his observers to boycott the control instituted by the Independent Electoral Commission (EIC) that day. Preliminary results should be announced on 1

4 November, when more than a month has passed since the elections of 28 September.

Only 1.92 million biometrically verified votes were counted, of which 86,000 were voided by the Commission. However, Abdullah's team claims that the zero votes exceed 300,000.

The current government is trying to stop checking and auditing until the EIC decides on the issue. The electoral authority planned to count and test the votes of more than 8,000 of the 26,000 polling stations in 33 provinces of the country.

Local media say the clashes could exacerbate the political crisis in Afghanistan after the September 28 presidential election. Challenged by fraud allegations.

Abdullah noted that his team is not responsible if the country goes into crisis, stressing that its "next steps will always be peaceful and law-abiding to uphold the clean voices of the people defend". , "We are not in favor of the crisis, but if the country goes into crisis, the responsibility will be borne by the election team of President Ashraf Ghani," he added, referring to who his main rival is among the 15 candidates.

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