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Analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, the Best Western ever (finally!) At desks that set their own standards

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a colossus in every way. Both in the ambition of his proposal and in the masterful handling of the smallest details. And it's even more so when the PC transform mouse and keyboard systems into their natural environment, reach new standards and hopelessly wonder how it's possible that it has It took almost ten years for the saga to reach the tables if they went so well with it .

To be fair, we will soon find the reasons for the period studied between the launch of RDR2 . In consoles and what is – indisputably – his best version: The Western Rockstar has the ability to meet the already high expectations of the self-proclaimed Master Race. Besides, Rockstar knew exactly that a single port would not be enough although we ̵

1; we are not mistaken – would have been content with it a year ago.

After all, this inspirational experience In the far west has already achieved a superb console quality, which is in all aspects. On the other hand, the exquisite finish, crowning the PC version, does not overshadow the ultimate experience . Not only to offer a resolution and power without limits and effects that make it possible to dive into your open world, but also how well it adapts to the fish audience.

Yes, Rockstar re-signs the biggest and most ambitious video game of the generation so far. And in the same motion, it opens the doors to mouse and keyboard players to an inexhaustible landscape of soul and life and captivating beauty. Technically unstable, almost tangible for the senses. Unforgettable in the plot.

Yes, his story, or rather the legend that we forge around Arthur Morgan, lets us take off our hats, because is the best west of all time ; but from now on we can tell you that the true source of the hours, the secret weapon of experience Red Dead Redemption 2, is the online experience. One that includes the start this time.

Rockstar knew that simply porting RDR2 to the "Master Race" would not be enough, although we would have been satisfied with it a year ago

It is also permissible for us today to ask whether the sum is all These factors succeed in crowning RDR2 Rockstar's masterpiece or banishing him into a no less privileged position of is his greatest project.


If you have not played the original Red Dead Redemption or are playing again, you must remember that RDR 2 does not try to repeat the same feelings a Grand Theft Auto with horses and it is not the same with a color layer of a different color; Although the narrative scheme does not deviate too much from the Rockstar formula, the experiences are more in line with the open world RPGs . With the best, yes, but without crossing the line that separates the genre.

  RDR2 Pc Screenshot 073

[DasbedeutetnichtdassdieFansvonTrevorPhilipshoffnungslosfasziniertsindvonihrenunerschöpflichenAktivitätenihrengutgebautenCharakterenihrerenormenMengeanSammlerstückenund a constant sense of freedom that encourages us to always do what we want when we want. Both in Story Mode and in Red Dead Online .

If we refer to what is not to be seen in GTA then we refer to the notion of the open world itself that both the six chapters (and the two Epilogues), in which we put on the hat of Arthur Morgan as well as the character we created to share the online experience with other players, we will see how the common elements gain nuances and character at the cost of reducing extra doses of insanity, such as driving a tank with the highest search level or participating in crazy races that flirt with surrealism.

The visual leap on the PC makes it almost possible to smell wet soil when it rains

It's not that the world of Red Dead Redemption does not play, let alone , It is possible to perform authentic barrabasadas and hallucinatory experiments to test how far Rockstar has achieved the threefold balance of freedom, realism and fun with such a balance. Rather, it's a matter of approach: how the environment invades the player and invites him to discover his possibilities.

There are of course licenses. We had her. The majority is associated with the system of progress, and this and the constant gratification is one of the strongest engines of Red Dead Redemption 2 . But also the right touch of color and emotion of the Spaghetti Westerns by tools like Dead Eye which transfer the solemnity of slow motion to the shooting scenes and incidentally, our chance of having the day turned on increases To finish boots.

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