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"Beauty is Powerful, Open Doors"

For the people, Prince Julio César (Valencia, 1979) is the president of Miss Earth Venezuela, but if they ask him, he says he is "a lover of the family, his mother, of Venezuela, a lawyer who you has a husband who likes to travel, who does not bathe or clean on Sundays, and who works to make his dreams come true. "

His real name is Julio César Cruz Molina and although some only think he is a fashion designer, he studied law at the University of Carabobo and made no mistake because he speaks vehemently and has most of the time an answer ready for everyone Question. "I completed the race in the first year, but then that world took over me completely, and sometimes I say that the day this stage is over comes back to the law," he tells his office in the Quinta Makaira of Globovisión. Details of the beauty contest on 1

2th August.

– Do you consider it a stage?

-Everything in life is a stage. You come to this world to complete a cycle and the important thing is to build on solid foundations so that it stays so you pass by and another person comes to give continuity, in my case it becomes the one Be Miss Earth Venezuela. Today I am the President of Alyz Henrich, but she and I are aware that eventually a relay generation will emerge.

– When did you realize that you wanted to run a beauty contest?

– I never thought about being the president of a beauty contest. This came in a complicated way in my life. The proposal was addressed to Alyz Henrich and she called me and I accepted, but before I made sure she had a television platform to support us.

– What value do you give beauty?

-Power. Beauty opens doors, especially in the world of entertainment. I've always said that a smart guy goes for a walk with a beautiful woman, you see? That's why I'm with Alyz Henrich (laughs).

-It's controversial, why do you think they call it that?

– For what many should be controversial, it is for me to tell the truth. I do not like the lie, I always say, what people dare not say, what my heart feels, I do not like masks, I see people without clothes. The titles seem ridiculous to me.

– And why "Prince"?

– Because mother has always told me, Prince, "you are my little prince". And my dad too. That is the reason, but I am the opposite of what a prince is, because a prince does not wear heels, he is not rebellious, he does not say what he thinks because he is subject to rules. Not me, I speak and I say what I want. My motto is that I came to this world to be happy, and I will not allow anyone to make me feel bad, so they call me controversial.

-Stephanie de Zorzi and Ninoska Vásquez are overblown women who are the beauty kings this year?

-We are interested in women being real, not just a face and a perfect body. Times have changed and I feel that the Venezuelan woman is much more than that, she is a warrior, intelligent, capable. We want it to have content, that its verb is very beautiful.

– Emphasizes the way it is expressed outside the physical.

– It's right. We are interested in going far beyond the physical, the body and the perfect heights. We are looking for intelligent women with content in the brain. Right now I have just seen Miss United States, she is 1.65 meters tall, but this girl, when she speaks, has a magic that goes through the screen and you as an audience pass it on to you and you say that's it. That's what we are looking for in Miss Earth Venezuela. A woman who manages a proper, intelligent lexicon. If we need to reduce it or treat it aesthetically, we do it, but that is accessory and secondary. A few years ago, the biggest powers in the world changed their beauty kings, why should not we do that? I have always said that there are two ways to attract attention: when they see you or when you speak.

– In recent months, there have been strong allegations against Miss Venezuela, what do you think about it and how does it prevent your competition from being signaled for the same reasons?

-I'm not happy about what happened because I grew up to see it and see the terrible turn it made today, for the worse, it's sad. It is sad that the people who are keeping their reins would allow the situation, because something so beautiful, so great, should not have consented to this situation that concerns us all, because when women go out here, they are not from Venevisión or Globovision. They have a band that says "Venezuela" and time. How do I keep my brand and channel isolated from it? Look, these are just not the values ​​that we represent in this entity.

– How can Miss Earth Venezuela's candidates pay with minimal resources for operations, costumes and dresses?

-The candidates of Miss Earth Venezuela do not have to pay anything. Why? Because we have commercial allies dealing with smiles of transgressions. Yesterday we were seven. Sharon Cimolino is responsible for the medical group responsible for the development of the operations. They only pay for blood tests. What is the profit of them if they do not wear the crown? With technical touches these girls will look more beautiful than they already are and that will be forever. You do not have to search for a sponsor. The winner has one year contract with Globovisión and a salary that is paid, so we have to ask for it. What do you offer? A two-hour television program? That will not do what the managers say. This is an organization where there are predefined policies when they become candidates to sign a contract by August 12th.

– What are the prices for this year?

– Like last year.

– How much does the edition of Miss Earth Venezuela 2018 cost?

– (laughter) A few zeros, lots of help, commitment, organization and support from the private company.

– What do you think of Osmus Sousa?

– I feel that his image is being touched at this moment, that somehow they have hurt him. I can watch and see that. After all, he is able to reinvent himself, to be like the phoenix and to be born again. He has a consolidated career, he has to change sides and have a new format if he really wants to continue and wants to offer something different to television and the Venezuelan public. In these tough months, many people have offered their support, as well as critics. When that happens you have to ask: what do you say? All is that people have to learn to be humble, because if they do not give room to others to treat them badly, talk bad about them, and make a fandango because it may not be so, it is not as cruel as it is People said it, but because of their attitude, they believed it. I think he has learned that he is learning the lesson that humble and near people, the press. In the end, you wake up every morning, brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, have breakfast. I have seen it a little more humbler in the eyes of the people, I hope it is true. I will not join the Inquisitor to make firewood from the fallen tree because I do not want it to be done with me. That is a principle of humanity. @yolimer

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