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Cancer: These celebrities have managed to overcome the disease. Health | The magazine

Like every year, February 4 is celebrated on World Cancer Day a disease that is growing in numbers.

Poor eating habits, smoking, aging and exposure to environmental factors such as sun or air pollution increases the risk of suffering from it. Fortunately, prevention, early detection and adequate treatment are becoming more effective.

According to the health insurance comparator Acierto.com, it is estimated that the cases have skyrocketed up to 12% in recent years, and only 277,700 diagnoses will be made in 2019.

With such numbers, it is not surprising that many celebrities have suffered or suffered from cancer. Fortunately, many of them have managed to overcome them, and not only that, but they have talked about inspiring and supporting other people, understanding the pathology and coping with new courage.

Sofía Vergara

The Colombian woman of 46 years was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28 years. Thanks to an operation that removed and irradiated the thyroid gland, the actress managed to overcome the disease. Since then, the protagonist of Modern Family has been struggling to alert the public to the importance of the doctor's visit and regular check-ups. "It's important to ask, educate and go to the doctor if you feel some of the symptoms," Vergara said in a recent interview.

However, this is not enough, it is also important to exercise and live properly and healthily. This could reduce cancer risk by up to 40%. As far as physical activity is concerned, it helps to recover and promote survival. It is also important to prevent a relapse.


The singer of Argentine descent admitted in 201

3 that she had uterine cancer two years before she joined the program, which earned her fame, Operación Triunfo, when she counted at the age of 24 alone. Fortunately, the girl is fully recovered and says that since then she has been "reviewed every six months" because she points out that "prevention is the most important thing."

Robert de Niro

2003 A charismatic actor was diagnosed with prostate cancer, the most common in men. The case of the American is an example of the importance of an early diagnosis. As he explained, his father suffers from the same disease, he decided. He was regularly examined at one of them when cancer was discovered very early. De Niro admitted that he was inspired by other personalities who suffered the same fate to overcome the disease. "See John Kerry ex-secretary of State of the United States – or Rudy Giuliani – ex-mayor of New York – gave me strength, they told me how he had been treated and that helped me," admitted the actor.

Joan Manuel Serra t

The Catalan singer-songwriter is another example of overcoming this disease. His intense and tireless struggle has led him to overcome three different cancers. One bladder in 2004, another in 2010 – lung – and the last in 2013. "Thanks to the surgery, it works flawlessly and I got off scot-free Well, not harmless, but I came out lightweight and with full tilt to continue" , confessed Serrat in 2014.

Lolita Flores

In 2010, a tumor was diagnosed in the uterus at the singer and actress As Lolita herself stated, in a routine check it was found that the cancer was due to early diagnosis and cancer the speed with which he was operated, had not developed. "I was very clear. To look at him directly, I removed it as soon as possible, I told my gynecologist, "she told herself a few years later.

Lance Armstrong

In 1996, cyclist Lance Armstrong announced he was suffering from testicular cancer, but far Abandoned to give up his sports career forever, the American managed to fight back after overcoming the disease one and a half years after overcoming the disease.And thanks to surgery and multiple chemo treatments, Armstrong managed to beat The Cancer, something that "I'm ready to fight and overcome the disease to continue as a professional cyclist," he confessed, and since then the cyclist has started with a conscious and admirable support, founding the Livestrong Foundation, and outreaching many

What to do to prevent cancer?

It is best to have a sick one to seek insurance. According to Acierto.com, patients who have health insurance have lower mortality and better treatment than patients who are absent. Therefore, every fifth person is better treated in private institutions.

As mentioned before, prevention and early detection plans are crucial for the treatment of the disease, as it is estimated that over 40% of sufferers are affected. Cancer can be prevented. For this reason, the numerous guidelines have the ability to access a medical table, which of course includes endocrinologists, nutritionists and other professionals in the field. There are also other benefits for those who have overcome the disease, such as hair restoration and psychological treatment.

In any case, it should be noted that each health insurance company treats cancer coverage in different ways. (I)

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