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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, Analysis: Price, Opinion and Features

image:: Sam Rutherford There are four – terrible – words that friends, family and acquaintances repeat to all of us in the technological “world”: “Which phone do you recommend?” When I listen to them, a shiver runs down my spine from end to end. I’m starting to mentally list the 124,912 phones Xiaomi introduced this year. Trying to imagine what …

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Portaltic.-Facebook creates a new tool to claim the authorship of images

MADRID, September 21 (Portaltic / EP) – Facebook has announced a new tool called Rights manager, which allows creators and photographers to manage their content on Facebook and Instagram Automatically request authorship of your images and avoid violations. The Facebook Rights Manager is available to users free of charge Facebook page administratorswho can register the content they want to protect, …

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Rocks suggest that Ryugu was formed from the destruction of a larger asteroid

MADRID, September 21 (EUROPA PRESS) – Observations of the Japanese space mission Hayabusa 2 have provided evidence that the asteroid Ryugu was born from the possible destruction of a larger asteroid millions of years ago. An international team was able to study certain surface properties in detail and found that the differences in the types of rock scattered around Ryugu …

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Microsoft buys the company that owns Bethesda and id Software

This morning Microsoft took a big step in the video game world and announced it bought the company ZeniMax Mediawhich many may not know, but it turns out the owner of renowned studios like Bethesda Softworks and id Software. This is how Microsoft has these two studies under its control, and while most know the work of these studies, we …

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The Portaltic.-YouTube website blocks the iOS 14 picture-in-picture mode with the exception of premium users

MADRID, September 21 (Portaltic / EP) – The website of the video platform Youtube blocked them Picture in picture mode that Apple introduced in its new operating system iOS 14, except for users with premium accounts. Users can do this in PIP (Picture in Picture) mode Watch a video on a small screen while doing other tasks on the device. …

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Microsoft fixes update KB4559309 that affects performance

Earlier this year, Microsoft began rolling out Windows Update Forced Update KB4559309 And supposedly reduced system performance for many users. This update has reportedly been rolled over to a wide variety of devices Replace the old Edge browser through the new Chromium-based browser. Microsoft acknowledges the performance issues in update KB4559309 The problem isn’t related to Chrome-based Edge, which is …

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