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NASA wants to send cloud photos for their investigations

CERES has six instruments that observe the Earth and its clouds in different satellites. But the problem is that while it is "easy" to take pictures of clouds, it is not so easy to identify them. For example, a cirrus cloud is very hard to detect when there is snow in the background of the photo. Therefore, satellite observations with …

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Google Maps shares accessibility for wheelchair users

Google Maps now introduces wheelchair accessible routes in transit navigation to facilitate the mobility of people with mobility needs. In a statement it was reported that Google Maps was developed for navigating and exploring the planet. They give drivers who drive , on foot or by bicycle, directions around the world. In city centers, buses and trains are sometimes the …

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Apple announces a new event for March 27th

The US company Apple has sent invitations to an event that will take place next Tuesday, March 27th. The message is that the call for education focuses on "new creative ideas for teachers and students," though the text does not clarify what to expect in the event. Reference Image The new Apple event will not take place on the Apple …

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The truth behind the chats indicator

This happens because, in reality, this indicator does not work in real time in the most common applications. In some cases, it can even be extended no matter how long the message is and takes more than a minute for the person to stop writing, says Gizmodo. In 2016, the American online journal Slate ran a test to see if …

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※ Android Auto already unlocks the phone while connected to the @DiscoduroAlta Density technology with the carYour connection

18th March 2018 Android Auto is a system designed to reduce distractions on the road while leveraging applications such as the browser or music player on our Android smartphone. As a security measure, Google completely blocked Android devices when using Android Auto and prevented us from interacting with the phone in any way. Nevertheless, everything seems to indicate that Google …

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⌚️ Fitbit Versa smart watch for women develops your connection to the technology @DiscoduroAlta Density

18th March 2018 Fitbit's Fitbit announced Fitbit Versa, its new Fitbit OS 2.0 smartwatch, and introduced the new feature to monitor women's health. It works with the Fitbit OS 2.0 operating system, which will also be available in the company's other "smartwatches", and includes a new menu that provides intuitive and simplified information about the user's health and fitness. Called …

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