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Confirms the role of Jude Law in "Capitana Marvel" movie news

After months of speculation, the novel goes hand in hand with the volume that reveals the missing information.

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On March International Women's Day, one of the most powerful artists of the seventh art, Carol Danvers or, whatever the case, Captain Marvel, comes to the theater . Actress Brie Larson will be Marvel Cinematic Universe's first superhero with a solo film in which she and only she is the true protagonist.

At the immediate ancestors of Avengers: Endgame is accompanied by many rumors and theories about what we will see on screen and how this will directly or indirectly affect group films, but the truth is that we know very little. For example, we do not know what role Jude Law plays in this story. Or rather, we did not know it.

As reported Comic Book Movie the novel "Starforce On The Rise", which follows in parallel the story of Captain Marvel would have revealed who Law: Yon is Rogg .

Far from confirming the rumors that marked him as Mar-Vell, his role is widely known to vary. It's not clear if he's a friend or an enemy, but he's part of the main character when he's a member of the Kree Army, which includes Danvers. In the comics, the relationship between Yon-Rogg and Carol is so close that in the time she remembers, she was her mentor, which is all because the protagonist seems to be her at the beginning of the story Past as a pilot of the American Air Force.

Thus Law's character is neither good nor evil, he is complex and moves in ambiguity and doubt between his loyalty to Danvers and his loyalty to the Kree. Both are tested in Captain Marvel and the first progress already makes it clear that Yon-Rogg is not what it seems.

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