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Crisis in Venezuela: Passport costs up to $ 5,000 on the black market | Nicolás Maduro | Venezuelans in Peru | world

Although the Venezuelan waiting period for a pass can take up to two years, the new immigration measure in Peru requires that it be preserved. However, Venezuela's identification, migration and alien service (SAIME) does not work. Obtaining a passport becomes an impossible odyssey, and the mafias decided to exploit the despair of thousands of Venezuelans trying to escape the government of Nicolás Maduro.

According to an analysis by the Spanish newspaper El País, the mafias claim many Venezuelans between $ 700 and $ 5,500 for the precious document of migration. And they are two types of passports that can be obtained, depending on how much money the interested party can receive.

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The consular passport is the most expensive one. It is the one obtained outside of Venezuela . According to a source that obtained his passport in this illegal way, he has to spend $ 2,500 and eventually $ 3,000 for printing. While the regular pass prices range between 700 and 2000 dollars (VIP), these are obtained in the same Venezuela and the price difference is in the delivery time. The VIP will be delivered one day after payment, while for the most economical the wait will take long weeks.

The official price of the passport is 1

8.86 sovereign Bolivar or about 20 cents, but the SAIME can not meet the demands because registering for the procedure on its website is impossible and the mafias generate millions in profits at the expense of the Venezuelan tragedy.

The existence of the mafias was recognized in July by the Interior Minister Néstor Reverol. SAIME employees were arrested, their director, Juan Carlos Dugarte, was removed, and a telephone line was set up to receive complaints.

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The main ways to contact the Passport Mafia are groups at Facebook and via the Mercado Libre website.

After Transparency International registered in Venezuela since January 2017 195 cases of illegal charges of passports. One hundred of these cases were reported by the NGO in the prosecution.

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