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Damn woman for killing her baby

Valeria Mayela Serbanescu Araujo, 36, was arrested by Cicpc officials for giving birth and killing the newborn, as the scientific police reported in their social networks.

The body of the little girl was thrown on a dump in the Avenida Bolívar Norte in the municipality of San José in Valencia (car).

The woman's neighbors told the Cicpc that she was pregnant and showed strange behavior since Monday. However, Valeria Mayela informed the agent that she was presenting some fibroids, so she had to intervene. When she was transferred to the hospital town "Enrique Tejera París", the doctors confirmed that the woman had given birth. The officers interrogated her and she said the girl was born dead. The autopsy showed the opposite: the baby had breathed at birth. The body presented with brain hematomas, brain contusion and severe cerebral edema, the cicpc said in its report.

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