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Emmys 2019: Billy Porter, first black and gay winner, RuPaul and Patricia Arquette

The Emmy Awards 2019 gala will be remembered for its importance to the LGTBQ collective. Billy Porter, who was honored as Best Dramatic Actor made history by becoming the first black and openly gay man to win the award.

During his speech, the actor, visibly upset, cited James Baldwin in his essay They Can not Turn Back of 1

960: "It took me many years to get it threw away all the dirt I was taught about myself, and I half believed it I could walk the earth as if I had the right to be here. I have a right ». And then he added, "You have the right. We all have the right.

The actor thanked the award and further said that the actors and artists "are the people we can change to change the molecular structure of the hearts and minds of the people on this planet. (…). Please, never stop telling the truth. "

Patricia Arquette was the other major protagonist of the night, as she sought to be the [459009] Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries ( The Act ) alongside the collective through the story of Alexis, his transsexual sister who died in 2016, lend visibility. "I will mortgage the rest of my life until we change the world so they will not be persecuted. And give them work. They are human beings, let us eliminate these prejudices that we have everywhere, "he said in his emotional speech.

RuPaul won the Emmy for the second Time in a row for Best Reality Show with RuPaul's Drag Race . Prominent celebrities were Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian as representatives of characters Before the famous presenter received her award, she kissed her husband, the Australian Georges LeBar with whom she has been married since 1994. Already on stage she wanted to share the success of the program with the team.


RuPaul took the opportunity to remind viewers of the importance of taking part in the presidential elections that will take place next year in the United States. "Speaking of love and vote, vote .org and register to vote, "said the artist.

Laverne Cox ( Orange is the new black ) who did not win the Emmy for best actress Invited in a dramatic series, she appeared vengeful : a bag with the rainbow flag, which was to be read "October 8, Title VII, Supreme Court" . It refers to the overt cases of the Supreme Court on 8 October, which decide whether discrimination against workers against LGTBQ is also classified as sexual discrimination and whether or not the US government allows this discrimination.


The Lawyer Chase Strangio Cox's companion at the gala, emphasized the importance of October 8, 2019. "This will really change the lives of LGTBQ people , And from people who are not LGTBQ. Anyone who deviates from sexual stereotypes, like all the fabulous people here. So we have to appear and be careful on the 8th of October. Your life is in danger. "

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