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Facebook accepts crypto advertising again

Palo Alto . Facebook has loosened the widespread crypto-currency advertising ban and will allow ads for these products after verifying that they are safe and legal, as reported in a post on Tuesday night.

In the social network it is already possible to use products like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Last January, Facebook banned the use of cryptocurrencies, as they were often associated with fraudulent or fraudulent practices.

The public announcement of the controversial Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), a kind of money-making, is still being vetoed, which is not regulated, and in recent months it has been news of fraud.

There will also be no room for binary options, a financial derivative that leaves plenty of room for traps.

The market for so-called cryptocurrencies has been heated Last year, when the price of Bitcoin, the most well-known of them, passed from one thousand to twenty thousand dollars in a few weeks. Currently about 6000 dollars.

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