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Facebook stops drone production to bring the Internet to remote areas

Facebook completed a program launched in 2014 to build a drone fleet that would be responsible for providing Internet services in remote parts of the planet.

The huge social network said it had not given up on the idea of ​​using these drones without taking the Internet to remote areas, but will focus on doing so with the associated manufacturers.

Facebook will close its production facility in Bridgwater in southwest England, which is working on the development of the Aquila drone, with solar energy using a statement released Tuesday night by the company.

"When we launched the Aquila program in 2014, very few companies ventured into the field," said Yael Maguire, Facebook's technical director.

But in the past four years, many aerospace companies have invested in this area, he recalled. "Due to the sudden evolution of this technology, we have decided not to design or build our own drone and close Bridgwater."

Maguire announced that Facebook will work with some partners, such as the European Airbus consortium, on the connectivity of these solar drones, dubbed "haps" and "in other technologies needed to get this system up and running, like flight control computers and high-density batteries. "

Facebook had promoted this program as one of several designed to bring the Internet to the farthest reaches and last year announced a successful second flight test.

Google, for its part, has the "Loon Project," which provides connectivity to remote areas with balloons rising at high altitudes.

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