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// Features of WhatsApp over other applications.

Features of WhatsApp one of the most used instant messaging applications. We will compare two other popular instant messaging applications.

This mobile application has become one of the first options when trying to communicate; Many young people and adults have recognized the usefulness of whatsapp and have taken advantage of what this tool offers.

It was introduced in 2009 as an application of short instant messages and its updates have been added WhatsApp features to send and receive multimedia files in seconds. The installation of whatsapp is without a doubt a form of global connection.

  Whatsapp features
WhatsApp and its functions before Line and Skype

WhatsApp features:

  • Short instant messages: [
    • It is the basic functionality of the application whatsapp . It allows us to send and receive short messages with one or more people via groups. It's as easy as writing words and phrases and pressing Submit.
    • Audio: One of the applications of WhatsApp is to send short and long voice memos over a built-in sound recorder the application supports very long messages very well, if you do not want to write too much.
    • Emojis and Colorful and Changeable Interface: You can change the backgrounds of the chats and send emoticons expressions
    • Video calls and calls: In its latest updates install whatsapp brings the advantage Using the Internet to receive and make calls anywhere in the world, allowing us to connect with our family and friends through a phone call.
    • ] Status Update: With the latest updates to WhatsApp you can add states that take 24 hours. You can share pictures, videos, and other multimedia files, such as B. Upload gifs. We can also write sentences and words that describe our thoughts and moods.
    • It's free: Whatsapp for free in all its versions
    • Contacts: This messaging application keeps contacts from our mobile phones, which allow us to whatsapp your contacts in .

    See WhatsApp ahead of other mobile instant messaging applications:

    There are a large number of mobile applications that allow us to write and send messages to other operators. and many of them are very popular in certain regions of the planet. Its features make it unique and people decide which ones are most comfortable for their needs.

    Whatsapp VS Line:

    Line is an instant messaging application for mobile phones that lets you send pictures and other multimedia files to Japan in 2011.

    Features of the line:

    • It allows us to Synchronize Microsoft Word with the application.
    • It allows to share news videos and music like the application Whatsapp .
    • We can make video calls.
    • You have a receipt and send messages and files.
    • We can create groups of up to 100 people at one time.
    • You can add friends via QR codes and NFC.
    • ] Its approximate size is 4.62 MB to 27.84 MB
    • It is a free service.
    • Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia Asha OS and PC.
    • Not necessary arrow With your phone number we can easily use facebook
    • Your interface is colorful and attractive.

    Whatsapp Vs Skype:

    Skype is Microsoft since it bought its domain from the creative company. Although instant messaging is known for its perfect interface for video conferencing and calling, they are a plus in this application. It was released in August 2003 and since then has been awarded several prizes.

    Skype features:

    • Calls to Skype users around the world
    • Enables group calls. Call landline and mobile phones at really low rates.
    • Call diversion is the solution Skype gives us if we do not want to respond or we are busy.
    • Mobile emoticons and signs when we want to transmit emotions through instant messages. 19659021] And we can even send SMS messages from the application.

    The applications were created as tools that allow us to deliver specific needs or wishes in our daily lives; In fact, there are studies that claim that we review our social networks and instant messaging applications on our mobile phones for an average of 5 hours a day. The uses of WhatsApp vary depending on who uses it, as it is mostly used by companies. The properties of WhatsApp are large due to the way in which they should meet the needs of different people.

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