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Filtered autopsy by Captain Acosta Arévalo confirming that he was tortured

The journalist Eligio Rojas published on Monday a part of the autopsy report, which was addressed to the corpse of Captain Rafael Acosta Arévalo.

The information shared by Rojas on Twitter found that the cause of death was severe cerebral edema due to acute respiratory failure due to rhabdomyolysis due to widespread polytrauma. After hearing the report, journalists and members of various NGOs again confirmed that Acosta Arévalo was killed as a result of torture.

"Rhabdomyolysis: Musculoskeletal syndrome in victims of earthquakes, bomb attacks, building collapses, meaning that Corvette captain Rafael Acosta Arévalo has literally been crushed," journalist Lisseth Boon wrote in the social network.

The president of Control Ciudadano, Rocío San Miguel, dismissed with the published report that the crime must change by suspected culprits.

"It's official, Captain Rafael Acosta Arévalo was brutally tortured to the death, and the causes of rhabdomyolysis include contusion, torture, trauma, and electrostimulation, which aims to change the crime against alleged perpetrators," San Miguel said twitter. Attorney Tamara Suju stressed again that torture has a "chain of command".

Acosta Arévalo was arrested on 21

June by officers from the Directorate General for Counterespionage and transferred to the Military Courts Headquarters, in Fuerte Tiuna, on 28 June. The captain arrived in a wheelchair that was unable to move his hands or legs wide-eyed and ask for help, and denounced relatives and lawyer Alonso Medina Roa, where on Saturday, June 29, died at dawn.

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