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Global GMO production reached 189.8 million hectares in 2017

The world's genetically modified crops reached 189.8 million hectares in the past year, 3% more than in 2016, according to a Plant Biotechnology Association Agrícola (Agro-Bio) ,

"The increase of genetically modified crops by 3% compared to last year corresponds to 4.7 million hectares, which is almost the size of the Dominican Republic or half of which corresponds to Portugal," the entity said in a statement.

In the report of the International Service for the Acquisition of Applications of Agrobiotechnology (ISAAA, for its acronym in English) and the English consultant PG Economics, it is stated that the increase mainly increase in profits in the seeding of transgenes .

This growth was due to "the high prices of raw materials, the greater demand of local and international markets, and the availability of better seed technologies."

Meanwhile, 77% are soy, 80% cotton, 32% corn and 30% canola grown worldwide transgene.

Colombia during last year, planted 95,1

17 hectares of genetically modified corn and cotton during US Brazil and Argentina " still the countries with the largest acreage with this technology . "

"This report confirms that the introduction of transgenic crops is more sustainable and opportunities for farmers," said Agro-Bio's Managing Director, Maria Andrea Uscátegui, quoted in the information.

According to PG Economics, between 1996 and 2016, a profit of $ 186.1 million farmers thanks to genetically modified crops [1 9659002] The British consulting firm also found that the decline in carbon dioxide emissions associated with transgenic products is accommodating 16.7 Millions (1945,9004) vehicles corresponded .

He added that advances in biotech crops enable farmers to reduce the use of insecticides and herbicides by 18.4%.

"Biotechnology is still a big investment for farmers: for every dollar invested in seed, which has been improved by modern biotechnology, farmers have averaged $ 3.49," the information concluded.

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