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Multiple pregnancies could accelerate the age of women

The cells of women who have multiple pregnancies age faster, according to a study by scientists from Northwestern University in the United States.

Results were obtained by observing two markers of cell aging: length of telomeres (ends of chromosomes) and epigenetic age in young women in the Philippines

"The study indicates cellular changes during pregnancy, possibly related With Adaptive Changes in the Maternal Immune System, "Lead author of the study, Calen Ryan, said the research found that cell aging was accelerated for each additional pregnancy between 0.5 and two years.

Another finding was that women who were pregnant had cells younger than the reported age.

"Paradoxically, though age b A woman's age was greater with every child she had when the woman was pregnant when the research was done, her epigenetic age and, to a lesser extent, her telomeres, seemed younger," said the anthropology professor and member of the scientific team. Christopher Kuzawa

He considered this an interesting situation in which the pregnancy makes one look temporarily "young", although there is a correlation between the number of pregnancies and the accelerated biological age.

The experts reported that the investigation is continuing and that they hope to continue to follow the women who participated in the study.


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