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"Shield, Hymn and Flag" by Jaime Indriago won A Bagpipe for San Francisco

"Jaime Indriago's shield, anthem and flag" won a bagpipe for San Francisco

"Shield, Hymn and Flag," written and performed by Jaime Indriago, took on the night of today's Friday, November 8, after a three-way tie that forced the jury to take first place at the One Bagpipe Festival For San Francisco, a qualification chaired by Nerio Ríos "El Roble de la Gaita", to consider behind closed doors.

"Terruño Sanfranciscano" by Roque Atencio from Mare won the second place and "The History of the Gold Cup", José Marrero, third place, having heard the interpretation of 11 finalists out of a total of 85 participants in this 6th place edition in which the Zulian folklore is appreciated.

The governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto and the mayor of San Francisco, Dirwing's Arrieta, led the event after the opening with the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, over a passport President of Caracas, Boulevard Virgen de Coromoto, house number 1


"With this feast on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the physical disappearance of the monumental Ricardo Aguirre, we begin Christmas in San Francisco Francisco, with luck, a party and, above all, the local music of our country," said the supreme regional authority.

Arrieta congratulated the winners of this competition and encouraged them to continue the traditions of Zulia.

"The bagpipe will never die and will not die, because here is the feeling of a people that still relies on its culture and its peculiarity," he said.

"Let this be an example future generations, so that we do things with quality and keep the bagpipe as long as we did (…) we with Nerio Ríos from Ricardo Aguirre, who brings all the best and transparency, "said Indriago, after receiving the recognition had received for the first place.

Following the announcement of the contest, more than $ 40,000 in prizes was distributed by Governor Prieto that the first three seats received ten thousand dollars, and the remaining eight thousand dollars for their musical contribution to the festival held in the southern community already has tradition 9659003] Awards

On Saturday morning, Mayor Arrieta, accompanied by members of the jury, met at the headquarters of the municipality with the 11 finalists, to hand over his awards and to invite them to join the Dynamics of the festival for 2020 to join.

Mayor Arrieta presented the winners with the awards on Saturday.

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