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"The Legacy of the Devil", Terror in Local Cinemas | Cinema | entertainment

The performers Toni Colette, Gabriel Byrne and Ann Dowd, The Devil's Legacy is based on a series of short films focusing on cruel family rituals and traumas tell the story of the Graham family and the terrible fight they are waging against malevolent forces.

The film, which premiered in ecuadorian cinemas on Friday 13th, is the first feature film by author and director Ari Aster Productions to receive the best reviews after attending Sundance Film Festival 2018 received.

The plot of this terror production, which focuses on resources associated with classic films of this genre, makes the lives of Annie Graham, an artist specializing in the design of miniature objects and their family circle. Her husband, Steve, a therapist with a distant personality, and his children Peter, with the typical problems of socialization in high school, and Charlie, the youngest of the family and who carries several traumas in his shyness.

The legacy of The Devil was developed over several years before production began in 201

7, and even before the script was written.

Aster was dedicated to writing detailed biographies and stories for his characters. In addition, he designed a 75-page list that describes his specific vision for cinematography long before he secured funds, explored places, or shot the scenes in that film. (E)

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"It could be said that it is the most effective secret horror film since Magic and the Babadook (…) What makes it so satisfying is that (…) family dynamics are always the focus, "says the magazine of the entertainment magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

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