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They arrested some robacasas in Maracaibo who had a grenade

Officials of the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (Cicpc) of the Maracaibo Sub-delegation arrested José Miguel Medina Urdaneta (30) and Genesis Paola Bracho Torres (22) in the parish of María Angélica Lusinchi, Luis Hurtado Higuera from the capital city of Zulua because of robbery in dormitories.

Investigations revealed that the detainees – accompanied by Luis Antonio Martínez Abreu, 28 years old; Adrián Arturo Sorio Osorio, 28; who died of other crimes; Isaac Isaías Colina Aguirre, 27; Yohendri José Arroyo Finol, 29; and Jhonatan José Bracho Torres, 23 years old, was part of the band "Los Quinteros del Sol" and dedicated to the theft of apartments from the Altos del Sol Amada urbanization, which is located in the same parish.

The tampons subdued their victims and, under death threats, deprived them of their belongings and stated that they were against their lives if they denounced them to the authorities.

A grenade and a pack of narcotics were confiscated during the couple's arrest. The case was forwarded to the Supreme Prosecutor of the State Prosecutor's Office of the State of Zulia.

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