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Venezuelan nurses meet the fifth day of the protests and continue "unemployed"

Caracas – The Venezuelan nurses met on Friday the fifth day of the protests on the demand for wage improvements and assured that they will continue "face to face" until the government of Nicolás Maduro the call to which they already [Today] (Friday) until the fifth day of appeal and observance of indefinite paralysis of care services I have to inform the country that 25 health institutions of the capital district have met the call for unemployment of the country paralyzed, "said the president of the College of Caracas nurses, Ana Rosario Contreras.

In a press conference reported that in a meeting in which he said representatives of other unions participated, decided to strike with the "indefinite" until the government "his legal representative" to the tables (work of the Maduro Administration) which are being carried out for the revision of payrolls, "reported Efe.

He reiterated that routine activities are paralyzed and that all nurses are required to take care of emergencies and emergencies as well as vaccinations because of the epidemics that have arisen in the country, although it has not specified any.

Contreras also asserted that nurses received 1

,555,000 meal vouchers (between $ 0.70 and $ 16 off official rates) and $ 1,200,000 for basic salaries (between $ 0.54 and $ 12.5). Dollar).

"Who can provide a family with these salaries?" Asked Contreras, as the food basket in Venezuela amounts to 220 million Bolivars (between $ 100 and $ 2,291).

The nurse also went to the director of the Maternidad Concepción Palacios de Caracas, Ali Barrios, to warn him not to "silence" the voice of the union's protest because in his opinion this will be the case responsible for ensuring that the center has no more workforce.

Although nurses' main needs during this week's protest are the salary improvements, they also fail to denounce the errors in hospital infrastructure and equipment, and the lack of medicines and medical supplies.

Nurses are screaming for a response from the government, which has only hinted at checking the payrolls of all public employees.

The deep economic crisis that is affecting Venezuela generates weekly protests from various unions, although the health sector has become the protagonist of these demonstrations in recent days because they are seen as well as lack of medicines and medical materials wages.

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