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VIDEO: Samsung mocks the camera of the new iPhone 11

South Korean giant Samsung has humorously positioned itself ahead of its main competitor, Apple, through a video that states that the Galaxy Note 10 outperforms iPhone 11 in photo and video technology.

The promotional video shows that users of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can apply the bokeh effect & # 39; To his videos lacks a feature that Apple's new phone, the iPhone 11 .

In the pictures you can see a man and a woman taking a video each with their own cell phone, they with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and he with the new iPhone. When the man sees that the woman's phone has the bokeh effect, he stops recording with his iPhone and begins to watch what his friend is filming.

The "bokeh" effect allows to focus on an object and blur the background guaranteeing a clear image very similar to that of a professional camera. In contrast, the new iPhone records with the same depth of field, so you can not focus on specific objects or people.

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