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WhatsApp's dark mode is redisplayed for Android


This week we learned that WhatsApp's dark mode has completely disappeared from the Android version. The Twitter account @WABetaInfo, which is known for keeping us up to date with WhatsApp news, usually publishes the news in real time. Yesterday, late at night, it was confirmed what we had all expected, and is the dark mode of WhatsApp for Android . This means that those responsible for the popular messaging application continue their development.

The dark mode is in fashion. In Windows 1

0, there is the Dark mode, in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, there is also the Dark mode. Now we are waiting for it in popular applications like WhatsApp. The advent of screens OLED in mobile devices is increasing the demands of users who no longer want to wait for Dark Mode applications or even full operating systems that can easily enable this mode. [19659005] WhatsApp's Dark Mode Returns to Android

Last week we were surprised to learn that WhatsApp's dark mode for Android had instantly disappeared in development versions. All mentions were removed in version 2.19.123, and in version 2.19.124 there was no trace. At this moment, all alarms jumped on WhatsApp when dark mode arrived.

There were several options. On the one hand, it could be some kind of bug in these updates, on the other hand it could be a change in the focus of the development team to implement it in a different way. Finally, there was even the possibility of deliberate movement to hide the novelties and avoid leaks. In this way, they could easily continue working in the dark mode of WhatsApp .

We do not know which of them was the best option, but the reality is that the dark mode of WhatsApp has come back on the market development versions. With a simple message from @WABetaInfo on Twitter, the illusion has returned to users, though many are suspicious of the possible release date of this innovation.

"Good news: WhatsApp is working again in the Dark Mode for Android ". Unfortunately, the popular Twitter account has not given us any additional information. Of course, we know that WhatsApp's Android Dark mode is still in development and we should hear about it soon.

WhatsApp's Dark Mode has already filtered in detail and if it continues development it's a matter of time to have it available for Android. We will continue to tell you all the news.

Written by Claudio Valero

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