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Verizon Touts Edge-to-Cloud City Scope A.I. Targets at GTC 2018

Verizon demonstrated at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2018) how its Smart Communities group is working to make cities safer and more efficient with a video-edge-to-cloud video platform called NVIDIA Metropolis. According to an announcement posted on NVIDIA's official company blog on March 27, the project includes the use of video nodes and NVIDIA's Tesla GPU accelerators, which are available in Jetson TX1 A.I. are embedded. "Supercomputers" placed on the urban infrastructure to monitor traffic flow and inform about new opportunities for citizen services. The general idea for now is that by appending A.I. With street-lighting camera arrays enabled, city planners can better manage the traffic of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. The company also hopes that it will be able to monitor crimes such as speeding, and that machine learning will be able to identify problem areas where accidents are likely to occur.

These tasks are mainly done on the edge of the network, but the package that Verizon will use also includes a link back to a cloud-based AI platform. NVIDIA hopes that this will eventually lead to predictions of accidents at some point in advance. Since most of the data processing is done on the edge – by individual nodes – and is connected to it, the companies are looking for ways to enable intelligent vehicles to access this data. This would allow smart vehicles to get a better overview of their environment so they can work more efficiently and safely. Taken together, it is hoped that skills can help to make cyclists and pedestrians safer.

To this end, Verizon is already testing its NVIDIA-driven video nodes, which are underway in both Sacramento and Boston. It shows the technology at this GTC 2018 during the event – until March 29 – to raise awareness of their efforts and the broader efforts of both companies. Of course, it goes without saying that the idea of ​​A.I. The observation of motorized cameras will find some very orwellian. This is especially true as NVIDIA says Verizon is not the only company using its platform, but is already being used by more than 100 companies worldwide. A degree of mistrust will grow, but if the project goes as planned, it could make cities much safer for everyone.

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