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Verizon's new set-top box may be the worst option for streaming

If you do not have a Roku device, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Apple TV, Verizon launches a new set-top box called Verizon Stream TV. It's free for Verizon FiOS subscribers (according to 9to5Google ) . otherwise costs $ 69.99 and may be the worst option for current streaming in the market.

First and probably most important is that Netflix is ​​not supported. I suppose that's all you need to know to never use Stream TV, and I would understand if you now decide to read one of the other wonderful articles on The Verge . (Verizon confirms that Netflix is ​​not supported at the end of this FAQ.)

However, if you are still with me, the Stream TV offers the following. The box runs on Android TV, supports 4K HDR and has the Google Assistant and a built-in Chromecast that could theoretically be a decent combination for $ 70 if you do not know that a key streaming service is missing. 9to5Google states that will also be spending a free month on YouTube TV, if that's any consolation, and we know it supports Disney + as it will be pre-installed.

Since Stream TV runs on Android TV and has a built-in Chromecast, we're not sure why you can not simply download the Android TV Netflix app or Netflix from yours Phone – Maybe the box has no hardware requirements for Netflix? Maybe the PlayReady DRM is not supported? Or maybe Verizon is just petty. We asked Verizon why Netflix is ​​not running on Stream TV, and we will update it when we hear it.

There is also the possibility that is not the worst option for streaming – you could also expect a monthly fee of $ 13 for Comcast's "free" flex streaming box which would initially cost $ 5 per month until Comcast decided that it would be easier to insist on a monthly payment for a Comcast modem / router combination.

There are much better options out there. We recommend the Roku Premiere as it is quite cheap for $ 39.99, supports both 4K and HDR files at this cheaper price, and can run virtually any streaming app you want. And it is not made by a telecommunications company.

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