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Vicente Fox drops the F-bomb and describes Trump's approach to the world

Mexico's former president spoke a few words to President Donald Trump, describing the American leader as a "machine" without "sympathy" during the World Summit in Dubai on Sunday.

1; fox From 2000 to 2006, he made long headlines for his outrageous and often profane criticism of the American president, whose anger comes from Trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the US-Mexico border for which he originally promised to pay Mexico "We do not pay for this wall," he told CNBC in April last year, "that's for sure." And why should we? "

Since Mexico has not succeeded for the To pay the wall, which is expected to cost tens of billions, Trump has now shifted his plan to a plan that requires funding for the construction of the US government. He argues that America's national security infrastructure and the fight against drug trafficking into the country are vital, and the fight for wall financing, which Congress Democrats reject, has led to the government's longest standstill in the history of the country After his inauguration, Fox spared no effort to let the world know what he thinks: he calls Trump "crazy," "ignorant," and says, "Every Mexican is united to Trump." The former civil servant served as chief executive of Coca-Cola Mexico in the 1970s after starting his work at the beverage company in 1964 as a truck driver.

Trump launched a campaign titled "America First," alleging that other countries had allegedly misused US goodwill and financial support for too long. However, he has often said that "America does not mean America alone first," seemingly vacillating between an isolationist stance and one that promotes greater cooperation between countries. Critics argue that its frequent devaluation of allies such as the European Union and Mexico only serves to alienate the world's largest economy.

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