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Victims shot dead in Louisiana from "happy" to "broken" within 24 hours

According to CNN affiliate WAFB-TV, she re-released it, but she did not know that two of the victims were her children – Summer Ernest and her 17-year-old brother Tanner. Another victim was the father of her children, Billy Ernest, 43 years old.
"It's pointless, my babies died in vain," said Champagne to CNN's WBRZ-TV. "Her father died in vain."

Two other victims were Elizabeth and Keith Theriot, both 50 years old. The man accused of shooting the five was their son Dakota Theriot, 21, who was in Richmond Sunday morning County, Virginia, was arrested after fleeing from Louisiana where the shootout took place.

Theriot was transferred to the Northern Neck Regional Jail and is held without detention until a court date. He will be repatriated to Ascension Parish at a later date and booked into two categories for first degree murder, house invasion and illegal use of weapons; According to WAFB, in the case of Livingston Parish he also encountered the murder and theft of a first-class motor vehicle in three cases.
 Suspect at five Virginia arrests in Louisiana

Theriot dated Summer and lived with the family for several weeks Ernest, the sheriff of Livingston Parish, Jason Ard said. Recently, he was asked to leave home and according to the authorities, did not return. Theriot's father identified his son as the shooter before he died, authorities said.

Champagne told the WAFB that she was in her mother's house when she received the news of the shooting.

"I got out, a truck drives and a man says," Are you Rhonda?

She has another son, Hunter Ernest, 16, who told WBRZ of the morning on which he had found his siblings had been murdered

"Before we were happy, and then the police said to my mother, she should sit down and she told her what happened, and she was broken. We were broken, "Hunter said.

Crystal DeYoung, Billy's sister Ernest said accepting the fact that her relatives had left was" too much to ask. "

" We were a happy family. It's not so happy anymore, "she told WAFB, adding that she missed her brother's last visit to her house," I'll never get it back. "

Summer, WAFB reports, was the" self-styled mother of the family ", who was clinging to her hip with her brother Tanner.

" We have to look at three coffins, "Evelyn Sing, the children's grandmother, told the WAFB," It's bad enough, but we have to look at the three of us. "

Rashard Rose of CNN contributed to this report.

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