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Video of Fabolous Threatening, anger at Emily B and her father


Video shows how he rages with Emily B & her father …

& # 39; I have a bullet with your name on it! & # 39;

3/31/2018 8:15 AM PDT


TMZ has received a video of Fabolous in absolute rage on his baby mum Emily B and her father as she swings a sharp object and leveled threats [1

9659007] The video was filmed Wednesday night at the driveway of Fab and Emily's Engelwood, New Jersey – and the rapper's bodyguard tries to hold him back as he shouts at Emily and her father. At some point he asks Emily why her father is even there – her father screams back: "This is my motherf *** t daughter" and calls Fabolous a coward.

This is the incident that caused the police to react to the house and Fabolous to turn around on Wednesday night. TMZ has broken the story … he has been arrested and booked for serious assault and terrorist threat

In the video, Emily attempts to record Fabolous, which further angered him. He lunged at her a few times with the object in his hand, and she pulled back quickly as she screamed. You can also hear a child cry … that could be one of Emily and Fabs 2 kids in the house.

As we reported, Emily told the police that she had sent a family member to the house to remove 2. With handguns she feared that Fab would use against her when he got home. The video shows Fabolous telling Emily's father he has a bullet with his name on it.

Emily also claims that Fabolous punched out two of her teeth on March 7.

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